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On Wednesday, 31st May, Brainstorm Productions will present their student wellbeing performance 'Cyberia' for Years 7, 8 and 9.

'Cyberia' is a live theatre experience that addresses mental health, (cyber)bullying, and the responsible use of technology. The performance is part of our student wellbeing curriculum and has been developed by education and mental health professionals.

Ruby loses touch with her values and gets caught up in cyberbullying and online drama. Anxious and struggling with impulse control, she is in danger of damaging her digital reputation. For Tim, a lack of sleep and social interaction leads to scams and dangerous online behaviours. He becomes isolated and withdraws into gaming.

Students follow Tim and Ruby’s journey as they develop skills for help-seeking, resilience, and positive mental health.

Brainstorm Productions is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected theatre in education companies, performing for over 260,000 students every year. They offer a range of programs to help schools nurture healthy and harmonious environments, addressing issues such as mental health, online safety, bullying, and resilience, and are endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider. Learn more about Brainstorm Productions by visiting their website (brainstormproductions.edu.au), or following them on Instagram (@brainstormproductions_) or Facebook (@Brainstorm.Productions).