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Warners Bay High will continue to place students at the cutting edge of technology by working with all faculties to ensure students are future ready learners and have access to a range of industry standard technologies.

Our top highlights included:

Technology and Innovations in Learning

In 2020 Warners Bay High faced with a number of COVID based challenges was able to demonstrate technological agility by adapting learning to a completely online environment through;

  • Lending out over 100 chromebooks for students with home technology access issues
  • Development of videos using existing greenscreen infrastructure paired with a new Brightcove On-Demand video system. This system was also used to live stream Year 12 information nights to over 300 viewers.
  • Expansion of Google Classroom to cover all years and classes, establishing a standardised lesson format and ensuring the wellbeing and academic progress of all students.
  • Continuation of important Senior online resources using our existing partners, Edrolo and Atomi to support video lessons across the Stage 6 Key Learning Areas in over 20 subjects.

On top of these developments WBHS continued to invest in cutting edge educational technology to support innovative learning that prepares students for life after school and keeps them engaged in the classroom. This included;

  • Purchasing another 1OO Chromebooks to accompany the schools BYOD program. The 7 second start-up from sleep and unmatched battery life make these an important tool in the classroom and their relatively low cost means we can get more value out of technology funds to ensure equity of access to ICT. We now have more than enough bandwidth and laptops to fill the MPC which is now equipped with portable screens, a new sound desk and video technology to ensure the smooth operation of online exams and extra-curricular events.
  • Acquiring 20 Windows laptops and 2 high-powered desktops for #D, VR , AR and graphics rendering. The school’s increasing use of high end graphics programs has placed strain on our computing power so these machines will be vital to continue work we are doing in flipped learning (Video Lessons) and 3D innovations.
  • Utilising programs such as Minecraft to explore the possibilities of augmented reality which places 3D objects that students have created into the real world. This is mimicking developments in the real world where AR is now used for training, safety and educational purposes in institutions such as the Defence Force and Universities. Using our 3D printers students are able to create structures on the computer, then print out models or place them in an augmented reality environment.
  • Innovating learning through new technologies such as a new Podcast Machine acquired by the CAPA department to provide new means for students to communicate and create innovative learning spaces.
  • Adding to our fleet of drones with a new professional photography drone which will enable students from a range of KLAs to conduct local area surveys, Engineering site analysis and video production, in addition to the current makeblock drones that have no camera capability but are excellent for teaching programming.
  • Purchasing Makey Makey kits has been an enormous success for our STEAM students in Year 8 who have a lot of fun creating weird and whacky ideas such as turning pieces of fruit into gaming devices or dance pads.