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Highlights from 2021 were:

HSC Results

Another successful year in HSC PDHPE and Community and Family Studies (CaFS). PDHPE received 5 Band 6’s and 5 Band 5’s. CaFS received 2 Band 6’s and 10 Band 5’s. The students worked exceptional hard in what most would call the most challenging two years of their schooling life in which they studied their senior pattern. Students within PDHPE senior classes adapted to the online learning style and adjusted whilst maintaining their engagement. These students and teachers should be proud of their efforts and achievements.

Year 11 PDHPE Camp

In 2021 our senior students studied Outdoor Recreation as an elective in the PDHPE course. To consolidate their learning and key concepts within the unit, students participated in an overnight camp at Glen Rock. Students participated in team building and initiative team games, "minute to win it" challenges, bush walking and canoeing activities. There was a 92% student attendance at this camp from within the 2021 Year 11 PDHPE cohort. Students had fun, learnt and experienced outdoor recreation, stepped outside their comfort zone and many achieved personal goals and had the opportunity to grow both individually and as a group.

PASS Elective

This elective is always a popular subject amongst WBHS students. Within this subject students learn key concepts and foundations for HSC PDHPE. Students learn basic first aid with more of a specific focus on sport first aid and sports medicine. Our school is located in a very ideal location for accessing community resources and experiencing opportunities relating to outdoor education. Outdoor Recreation is a very dominate focus within our PASS unit. Our students undertake an annual swim test at Coughlan's Swim Centre to demonstrate their competencies in swimming so they are able to utilise the lake and participate in canoeing.  Students then undertake a 4 week program where they venture to the lake to learn open water safety and canoeing while undertaking some team and individual initiative challenges.

Our PASS students also learn and develop navigational skills. Students learn how to read maps and use a compass, practice using different maps of the school and engage in a number of orienteering challenges at school. To complete the unit students venture offsite to reaffirm and consolidate the outcomes they have learnt.

Year 11 Sports Coaching

Year 11 Sport Coaching was a new subject in 2021. Students who complete all the components of this course achieve a certificate of attainment in Certificate III Sports Coaching. As a part of this course students need to accrue 35 hours in the workplace. We attempt to support these students in achieving these goals through opportunities at school. Our students have assisted running the school and regional carnivals where they have gained experience in planning and organising whilst developing skills and knowledge in implementing these carnivals. Students have also assisted the school with water polo carnivals, football gala days and assisting in community events.

Child Studies

Child Studies is a very hands-on and creative subject where students are given insights, skills and knowledge in parenting and caring. The teachers have developed innovative ideas for learning about caring and nurturing. Some examples include students being given seedlings to grow and watch as they developed, creating children’s parties where they have experienced making healthy fun food options for children while learning about food allergies and how they impact health, and they have also made picture books whist investigating children’s literature.

New Sports Uniform

WBHS has been lucky enough to purchase new sporting uniforms. We have purchased full playing kits for soccer, new singlets, and netball dresses. We have put in an order to receive a new full basketball kit, rugby league and cricket shirts.