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Science Achievements

The Science Faculty are a dynamic team who encourage students to be inquisitive about Science and the world around them. 

Our top highlights were:

Outstanding VALID 8 and VALID 10 results. 

Year 8 students achieved an overall scaled score of 89.10, which was 1.82 above the state average and 0.68 above the SSG. This represents a continued improvement since 2018. 89.2% of students achieved an achievement level of 4 or above. This was 15.3% above state average and 12.6% above SSG. Year 10 students achieved an overall scaled score of 94.03, which was 2.82 above the state average. 83.3% of students scored an achievement level of 4 or above. This was 3.7% above the state average. 

Year 8 Science studied the topic Electricity and learnt about Static Electricity. 

Not only did they get to rub their head with a balloon, but they also used the Van Der Graaff Generator! The Van Der Graaff Generator creates static electricity by charging particles through the friction of a moving belt. The students experienced the same charge as the Van Der Graaff when they placed their hands on the ball, and watched their hair repel. Some even had their hair touch the roof!

Year 11 Chemistry visit ANSTO's Lucas Heights 

Back in February Year 11 Chemistry students visited ANSTO's Lucas Heights reactor to further investigate Nuclear Chemistry principles and technologies. It provided students with a greater understanding of radioactive isotopes and the opportunity to observe some authentic applications of this technology.

Student Investigation Project

Year 10 students answered some of life’s most interesting questions by undertaking research for their Student Investigation Project. Some of the questions that were answered included: Which AA brand of battery is most cost effective? Answer: Aldi AA batteries. Do coffee grounds affect the growth of plants? Answer: Yes, they cause a small but consistent increase in growth rate. Does lack of sleep affect your brain function? Answer: Yes, it takes longer to solve puzzles if you have only had 6 hours sleep compared to 10 hours.   

Year 7 investigate "forces"

Year 7 students investigated the topic Forces. They watched as “bottle rockets” filled with water were launched into the air on the oval and discussed how and why they flew through the air. It was a fun and interesting opportunity to learn about the different forces involved in projectiles.