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Technological and Applied Studies

... TAS is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative subject areas ...

TAS teachers teach a diverse range of subjects where students engage in design and production activities using up to date facilities and resources.

The Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) Faculty at Warners Bay High School are a team of multi skilled teachers offering a diverse range of technology subjects. The TAS Faculty are qualified in a range of areas offering students lifelong learning and career skills.

Technology and the understanding of the design process, enable students to learn how to manage, interpret, shape and alter their environment to improve their quality of life at home, school, in workplaces and in their community.

TAS subjects enable students to become 21st Century Learners through Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. The TAS subject's WBHS offers allow students to use technology tools and to collaborate to design innovative projects


  • To offer practical challenges in IT timber, metals, engineering, food technology, design and technology, digital technology, software design and development and textiles and design.
  • Create a positive and productive learning environment where students are deeply engaged and challenged.
  • Develop in students the understanding of the design process and how to use it in everyday life.

Student Achievement  

  • Highly experienced and dedicated teachers.
  • HSC Major Project and Folio showcase
  • Extensive skill base of TAS teachers for all TAS subjects.
  • TAS Gotchas rewards to support student engagement and learning



Enrichment Programs

  • Year 8 Tech Mandatory Excursion

  • HSC Major Projects Showcase

Our Team

  • Ms Whitton: HEAD TEACHER
  • Mr Bruce HEAD TEACHER ADMIN                
  • Ms Badger-Greenwood ASSISTANT
  • Mr Ford                                                        
  • Ms Allen                                        
  • Mr Mackay                  
  • Mr Moore
  • Mrs Parker-Kennedy                        
  • Ms Kennedy
  • Ms Chawner
  • Mr Wilkens


  • Students in Year 8 have an opportunity each year to participate in a Newcastle Excursion to the University of Newcastle – City Campus, Light Rail and Newcastle Regeneration sites to find out about key technology related career paths for their future
  • Food Tech kitchens, Textiles Design room, Timber and Metal work workshops are fully resourced to teach key practical skills
  • Two dedicated computer rooms for students to learn real world computing skills such as coding, 3D printing, App design, video editing and graphic design skills


STAGE 4: Y7 & Y8

  • Agriculture and Food Technologies
  • Digital Technologies
  • Engineered Systems
  • Materials Technologies: Timber / Textiles
  • Food Technology
  • Textiles Technology
  • Industrial Technology Timber
  • Design & Technology Mixed Materials
  • Future Gaming
  • Multimedia

STAGE 5: Y9 & Y10

  • Food Technology
  • Textiles and Design
  • Industrial Technology Metal
  • Industrial Technology Timber
  • Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Information and Software Technology
  • Design and Technology – Mixed Materials
  • STEM

STAGE 6: Y11 & Y12

  • Industrial Technology Metal and Engineering Technologies
  • Industrial Technology Timber Products and Furniture Technologies
  • Design and Technology
  • Textiles and Design
  • Food Technology
  • Engineering Studies
  • Information Processes and Technology
  • VET: Hospitality


In accordance with the Safe Working Policy, the Department has identified areas of its workplaces where appropriate footwear must be worn by employees, students and visitors to ensure their safety.

This means WBHS staff and students participating in ALL TAS practical lessons for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 are required to wear fully enclosed leather shoes as part of their PPE: Personal Protective Equipment.   

It is an expectation that all students will supply their own PPE for each practical lesson. Students cannot share equipment or rely on another student to supply their equipment.

Any concerns please see the TAS teacher before 9am on the day of your practical lessons. Please refer to the following document for more information: Footwear guidelines for NSW Government Schools.

Please see the DoE guidelines here.

Any further concerns, please contact HT TAS on 49549488.

Jodene Whitton

WBHS Head Teacher TAS