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Highlights from 2021 were:


Year 7 students were involved in the planning and development of an Ancient Civilisation Convention or “Civi-Con” where they were required to create an interactive display suitable for a museum-going audience and present this to their peers, senior students and staff. There were a variety of interactive and exciting displays, including replica weapons from ancient times, ancient food and models of ancient landmarks such as The Great Wall of China. 

Year 8 PBL

Year 8 students were involved in a future focused project where they worked in groups to make connections between medieval and past diseases. To do this they had to engage in the research process where they had to apply critical thinking skills to determine the similarities and differences between the diseases and the relationship between History and Science.

Do Nows 

To promote Literacy and Numeracy skills in History, Years 7, 8 and 9 students completed ‘Do-now’ activities at the beginning of each lesson. These activities have a mixture of literacy and numeracy questions that are linked to the content of Stages 4 and 5 History and are designed to improve student’s confidence and skills in addressing literacy and numeracy specific questions. 

Online Learning Environment 

History students faced the challenges of extended online learning head-on, regularly engaging in online lessons and activities. Students were engaging in a variety of online activities, such as Class Craft Quests, Online Break Out Boxes and weekly challenges. Year 12 students were also very excited to welcome Dr. Ari Lander as an online guest speaker, who spoke on the topics of the Holocaust and Cambodian genocide. 

Student Focus Days - Playground Sounds and Raw Challenge 

History is the home of the Year 10 year group and the History faculty worked hard to create exciting and fun Focus Days that encouraged team and relationship building. The Raw Challenge saw students push their limits and challenge themselves on obstacles, slides and lots of mud, making excellent memories in the process. Playground sounds was a silent disco held in the MPC where students put on headphones and busted a move... some that will never be forgotten by any of us. Excellent fun and memories for all.