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PDHPE Achievements 2019

Our faculty had an exciting year. New syllabus were implemented with increased engagement and outstanding work produced by our students. 

Our top highlights were:

Flipped Classroom Implementation

This year the first Senior PDHPE cohort to use Flipped Classroom practice graduated. The teacher filmed each lesson for students to watch as a part of their homework. This allowed students to engage further and more deeply with the content material. Students relished this new approach to teaching and learning. A benefit that students highlighted of this method of teaching was that students could retrieve any lesson material at any time as these tutorial sessions where stored on line.

Exceptional HSC Result - 5th in State in CAFs

Students enrolled in PDHPE subjects experienced a very successful year in our senior courses. CAFs obtained an outstanding 10 Band 6's and 20 Band 5’s. One of our CAFs students was recognised for coming an outstanding 5th overall in the state. Well done Alexis. Whilst in PDHPE 4 Band 6’s were achieved along with 8 Band 5s. These exceptional results directly correlate with the commitment of our students and the dedication of our teachers who continually supported and mentored their classes towards the achievement of these results. 25% of our HSC teachers are HSC markers which has allowed all staff to experience the benefits of HSC marking via professional learning and hence improved teacher knowledge of the HSC process.

New Programs

The year saw the implementation of the new K-10 PDHPE syllabus for Year 7 and Year 9. Staff developed and implemented new course work that aligns with the national curriculum for PDHPE. These programs have a strong emphasis on creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking whilst addressing the whole school literacy and numeracy focus areas. Students engaged with new programs whilst gaining knowledge relating to lifelong health. Next year the PDHPE faculty will implement this new syllabus in Years 8 and 10 along with new elective syllabus documents for Child Studies and PASS.


This year Year 9 PASS students participated in the Great North Walk at Berowra. Students hiked 10km into a camp site. Students were given the full outdoor experience. They were given camp bags in which they were required to carry all the resources they needed for the camp, ie clothes, towels, food etc. Students had to set up their own camp sites, and prepare and cook their meals. The following day students hiked a moderate 7km out of the venue to return to school. An exceptional effort from the 78 students who successfully completed this adventure and represented the school admirably.

Community Links

Our PDHPE staff and students continued to engage effectively with the broader community, making positive contributions to junior sport, forging productive relationships with local service provders and hosting students from the University of Newcastle. 

Our PASS students were called upon on several occasions to referee at Primary School Gala Days. These students completed appropriate training and developed practical skills in refereeing a variety of sports.

Child Studies students continued their positive relationship with the Honey Bees Day Care Centre. Our students,  as part of their program made regular visits to the day care facility and gained practical experience whilst studying this course. 

The PDHPE faculty hosted five students from the University of Newcastle, allowing them to gain practical experience. The students were paired with different teachers within the faculty who provided mentoring support and helped them to develop and refine their skills whilst they continued to work towards achieving the Graduate Teaching Standards. 


PDHPE students engaged in a number of offsite educational experiences. As a part of the Year 9 PASS program, students had the opportunity to complete a Canoeing unit. Students walked to the lake and paprticipated in a range of activities to develop their skills in this leisure activity and learn about safety and open water.

Year 9 also participated in an orienteering day at Blue Gum Hills National Park, Minmi. Students had the opportunity to experience orienteering as a competitive sport. After developing the necessary skills the students performed well in this activity. 

Coaching Unit

Year 10 PASS elective studentscompleted studies in sport coaching. This year for the first time a practical element was formally assessed.  Students were required to plan, develop and implement programs to develop foundation skills with our Year 7 Sports classes. Students were able to display their leadership and exceptional organisational skills as they implemented their lesson plans. We hope to forge links with our partner primary schools in the future to allow our students to deliver similar lessons plans to strengthen their practical experiences.

Introduction of Year 8 Child Studies Elective

A new Child Studies elective was successfully introduced in 2019. Students studied the ‘Growth and Development of Children’ and ‘Food and Nutrition’ for young people. Students gained first-hand experience in preparing, cooking and tasting food that meets the Dietary Guidelines for Children. The highlight of this unit was the opportunity for students to experiment with healthy food to make it a more appealing and attractive to young children.

Faciliation of Two Longitudinal Surveys

The PDHPE Faculty co-ordinated the participation of 235 students from Year 9 in the Macquarie University 'Everybody Study' that investigated the factors that influence adolescents' body image and eating behaviours.

The faculty also facilitated the participation of 70 students from Year 7 in the ‘Health 4 Life’ survey conducted by Sydney University. Students were required to answer questions regarding their lifestyle choices and knowledge of the long term impacts of these decisions. Students who participated in this study formed the control group.