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Future Focused Learning

Future Focused Learning prepares students across all curriculum areas and learning stages with skills and capabilities to thrive in a rapidly changing and interconnected world. 

Highlights from 2020 were:

  • The refurbishment of eight classrooms with new furniture to support future focused teaching and learning practices across the school.  The rooms targeted were  A15, A17, B15, C3, C13, D11, D13, E2
  • The purchase of three new interactive boards for use in classrooms and the library
  • the establishment and active use of online learning platforms across all faculties.  All subjects from Years 7 - 12 were accessible to students via the Google Classroom
  • the extensive use of technologies such a Zoom and Microsoft Teams by teachers to interact with students remotely.
  • continued use of Flipped Classroom strategies and digital learning after students returned to onsite learning fulltime.
  • the development of, and participation in staff professional learning targeting future focused teaching and learning.
  • the formation of the Future Focused Best Practice Team to collaborate across faculties on innovative, future focused teaching and learning​
  • the use of digital technologies to interact with community. e.g. Year 12 Easter raffle was taken online and raised more money than in any previous year.