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HSC Results 2019

2019 HSC Achievements

  • Achievements in Band 6, E4 and notional Band 6: 61 (Topped Hunter Region comprehensive schools). 
  • One student, Oskar Brill, made the All-Round Achievers Honour Roll. This roll is for students who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or E4) in 10 or more units of courses.
  • 33 students made the 2019 Distinguished Achievers Roll. These are students who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or E4) for one or more courses. 
  • Achievements in Band 5 and E3: 215
  • Overall achievements above State average in 21 courses.
  • Top student achieved a Band 6 or E4 in 10 Units.
  • Achievements above State average for Band 6 in Ancient History, Community and Family Studies, Drama, English Ext 2, Geography, Industrial Technology, Legal Studies, Mathematics Standard 1, Modern History, Music 1, PDHPE and Textiles and Design 
  • Achievements above State average for Band 5 and Band 6 in Business Studies, Community and Family Studies, Drama, Earth and Environmental Science, English Extension 1 & English Extension 2, Geography, Industrial Technology, Legal Studies, Mathematics Standard 1, Modern History, History Extension, Music 1, SDD, Textiles and Design and Visual Arts.
  • Top Achievers: one student came 7th in State for Mathematics Standard 1 Examination; another student came 5th in State for Community and Family Studies.
  • Three students nominated for OnStage.
  • One student nominated for ArtExpress and two students were nominated and selected. Nineteen students were selected for First Class 19 exhibition. 
  • Two students nominated for Shape and InTech.


Year 12 Post School Destinations 2019- Report

The class of 2019 included 152 students completing their Year 12 studies.

This cohort demonstrated great diversity in their choice of employment and tertiary qualifications and careers.

The following observations were noted:

  • 68% of students are enrolled to study at university
  • 7% of students are looking for work.
  • 6.5% of students are taking a GAP year
  • 5% of students have been successful in gaining an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • 3% of students have enrolled in TAFE
  • 2.5% of students are enrolling in Newstep at the University of Newcastle
  • 2% are in the recruitment process for the Australian Defence Force
  • 2% of students were successful in gaining full-time employment
  • 4 % of students were unable to be contacted
  • 76% of our HSC ATAR students were offered university courses
  • Approximately 78.5 % of the 2019 cohort are continuing through to tertiary study

(This includes university, TAFE or private colleges.)

  • Many students said they wished they were back at Warners Bay High and they miss it!


Of our university bound students:

  • Highest ATAR was 99.15
  • 35 % of students are enrolled in Science or Medical fields.
  • 20% of students have enrolled in Engineering Degrees. This figure is almost double that of the 2018 cohort.
  • 15% of students have been offered Education degrees. This number has also doubled since last year.
  • 8% of students are undertaking degrees in Economics, Business or Commerce
  • 6% of students are studying Law
  • 5% of students are studying in Creative fields such as Music, Architecture, Animation, Design, Visual Communication or Film
  • 10 % of students are pursuing a degree in the field of Arts, Communication or Humanities
  • 3% of students have chosen a degree in Information Technology or Computer Science
  • 4% of students have enrolled in Newstep at the University of Newcastle
  • 7 % of students have been offered places at a university other than Newcastle.

Significant changes noted from previous years:

  • Fewer students are choosing to study at a university other than the University of Newcastle. Two years ago, 17% of students chose university study outside of Newcastle, and this year we have only 7% enrolling outside of the city.
  • The number of students choosing to study Engineering, Information Technology and Education has almost doubled since last year.
  • More students are choosing to take a structured GAP year. The majority of students we spoke with who were taking a GAP year were working at least 25 hours a week. Many had already enrolled in TAFE courses or other short courses in order to gain further qualifications and training. The majority of these students are planning to enrol in programs at university or TAFE once they gain a better understanding of workplace issues and scope the employment landscape.
  • The number of students interested in or enlisting in the Australian Defence Force has also doubled.
  • Students have demonstrated a better understanding of the employment and training resources available to them and have been more proactive in asking for and getting help in this area.