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Mathematics at Warners Bay High School


Mr. J. Furner - Head Teacher

Mr. M. Algie                               Mr. R. Gordon

Mr. R. Galt                                 Ms. J. Hull

Mrs. S. Gay                                Ms. A. Lawler

Mr. P. Gordon                            Mr. J. Lloyd

Mr. R. McVicar                           Mr. B. McAlpine

Ms. B. Xuereb                             Mr. M. Morrissey

The Mathematics Faculty aims to provide the opportunity for student development of:

•knowledge, procedures and essential skills.

•modelling and solving problems utilising a variety of strategies.

•the capacity to justify and communicate in a variety of forms.


Mathematics plays an important role in life and society at many levels. The teaching of Mathematics at Warners Bay High School (WBHS) is characterised by an enthusiastic staff, lead by Jamie Furner, that are able to combine traditional teaching skills with modern computer technology to assist with the graphical and calculus components of the Mathematics Syllabus. At WBHS there is a strong tradition of providing courses that cater for the diverse needs of students.


The curriculum in NSW requires all students to engage in substantial study of mathematics each year, from Kindergarten to Year 10. It becomes optional when students reach Years 11 and 12.


Stage 4 (Years 7 – 8)

Teaching emphasis is on "connections to real life" and relevance. All students in Years 7 and 8 will complete one in class assessment task each term. Stage 4 Mathematics caters for gifted and talented students through the Triple E classes, which are designed to extend, enrich and engage selected students.


Stage 5 (Years 9- 10)

In Year 9 and 10 students are split into three courses depending on their mathematical ability. The courses are Advanced (stage 5.3), Intermediate (stage 5.2) and standard (stage 5.1). The Advanced course is the most abstract of the three courses. It is designed for those students who have achieved all or the vast majority of stage 4 syllabus outcomes. The Advanced syllabus contains and extends the content of the Intermediate course, requiring students to develop their reasoning abilities to a greater extent than for the Intermediate course.

All students' works towards obtaining their School Certificate and prepare for appropriate levels in senior school. ". Students in Years 9 and 10 will complete one in class assessment task each term.


Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12)

In Year 11 and Year 12 students who elect to do mathematics choose from the courses General Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 (Year 12 only).

It is important to note that the course that a student follows in Years 9 and 10 will play the deciding factor in what course they are prepared for in Years 11 and 12. A student who has followed the 5.2 course will generally be unable to successfully complete the "Mathematics" course for the Higher School Certificate (HSC). Instead they (and students who have followed the 5.1 Course) will be better prepared for the "General Mathematics" course.


As well as the course-work, there are a number of extra-curricular activities available to students at the WBHS. The most notable is the Australian Mathematics Competition where our students usually achieve great results.


Planning for future careers requires students to know what level of Mathematics they need to study for the HSC, particularly those in the areas of science, health and engineering. It is never too early to start planning what level of maths a student needs in Years 11 and 12 so that disappointment can be avoided or contingency plans made if necessary!


All Syllabus documentation can be found at the Board of Studies website http://syllabus.bos.nsw.edu.au/