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Joining us in 2020?

We can’t wait for the new school year. Check out the department’s #Ready2020 resources for hints, tips and checklists to make a great start.

The aim of the school is to provide "Quality Education for All" through: educational opportunities and experiences to enable every student to develop his/her capacities to full potential; continuous training and development for all staff to ensure quality teaching; and quality information to parents and the opportunity to participate in and contribute to decision-making. The large enrolment of over 1300 students, the quality and adaptability of teaching staff and the high level of support and interest of parents, enables the school to provide an extensive and diverse curriculum. The outstanding achievements of individual students and student teams at all levels, academically, in the arts, in sport and areas such as interschool debating and mock trial competitions further reflects the diverse nature of the broader school curriculum. Warners Bay High School possesses many of the characteristics of a high achieving comprehensive secondary school.

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