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Mobile Phone Policy

WBHS became a mobile-phone free space in 2023.

Our school aims to provide a distraction-free, happy, safe and engaging learning environment for all students. The widespread ownership of mobile phones among young people requires that parents, students, schools and teachers take steps to ensure that they are used responsibly at school and during school-related activities. This policy is designed to help increase teaching and learning time, reduce mobile phone related distractions, increase the safety and wellbeing of our students, help ensure potential issues involving mobile phones can be clearly identified and addressed, and support the use of mobile phones for educational purposes under teacher supervision. This policy provides teachers, students and parents/carers with guidelines and instructions for the appropriate use of mobile phones.

Please note: The school does not require students to bring a mobile phone to school. If they choose to do so, they do so at at their own risk. The school is not responsible for any damage or loss to mobile phones.