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... Learn Locally. Communicate Globally ... 

Language study allows students to develop communication skills, learn about languages as systems and explore the relationship between language and culture. Students engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of societies and reflect on their understanding of social interactions.


  • become open minded global citizens
  • fall in love with foreign languages and cultures
  • develop intercultural communication skills
  • make projects and videos that have a connection with the real world in the chosen languages.

Student Achievement  

  • Senior Linguist of the Year 2019: Abigail Johnson
  • HSC Study Skills & Speaking Days at University of Sydney
  • University of Newcastle HSC Examination Preparation Day
  • 2019 Winners of the French Film Competition

Enrichment Programs

  • Japan and France Immersion Trips:  Students improve their linguistic and cultural understanding of the countries thorugh homestay and visiting famous sites and museums.  The homestay program offers our students an understanding of the differences in schooling and daily life while creating lifelong friendships. 

  • Japan and France Homestay: Every year, 20 students from Suginami Gakuin come to stay with Australian families for two weels and share their culture with their Australian hosts. Excursions are organised to Nelson Bay and the Newcastle Foreshore area. 

  • National French Competition: The Language Perfect Competition Winners at our school often reach Elite level and are awarded voucher prizes. Language Perfect send official certificates for all students who participated significantly.

  • Guest Speakers: WEP, Rotary exchange, Sophie Kirchner ex-student who recently spent 6 weeks at homestay in Bordeaux, France and ex-Year 12 students are often invited to the school to share their insight and personal experiences of being immersed in another culture. These speakers often inspire our junior students. To acknowledge the student success in Languages, very hard working linguists of the month are celebrated with a bag of goods from France or Japan, a certificate and their name on a display board.

  • International Language Tests: The Year 12 French students completed the International French Test (DELF) and were award the certificate which allows them to study University in a French speaking country - without a HECS debt. WBHS often become true international citizens by studying or living in foreign countries.​ To support students in their French study, they attended a Year 12 Languages Day at University of Newcastle and the University of Sydney’s HSC Workshop as well as multiple holiday tutorials and a weekly Conversation Club.

  • French Film Festival & Film Competition: Several short French film entries are submitted to the Annual Hunter Languages Film Competition. Prizes are awarded in multiple categories.
  • Taiko Drumming Experience and Martial Arts Incursions: EZ Japanese offers a Japanese Taiko Drumming Workshop for all Japanese classes. The cultural mindset behind the practice is explained, along with stance and stamina of this Japanese Tradition. Students are offered the unique chance to drum on very unique, traditional drums which were imported from Japan and work together to create a multi-faceted folklore tune. The Martial Arts Incursion is experienced by Year 8 Japanese classes in which they learn the discipline, obedience and mindfulness that accompanies this popular tradition.
  • Cultural Food Days enable students to expand their horizons, get out of their comfort zones and order food in a foreign language, tasting authentic cuisine flavours. This includes trying Crepe, ‘pain au chocolat’, ‘croissant’ and ‘grenadine’. Students learn how to order food in French at the counter to prepare them for future travel experiences. Japanese students are in charge of bringing ingredients and cooking Yakisoba, ‘Temakizushi’ and KatsuKuri including soy sauce and real wasabi flavours.



Our Team

  • Ms Cotton HEAD TEACHER
  • Ms Poole
  • Ms Carraro


  • Japan Trip visiting Kyoto traditional city and Tokyo main sights including Disneyland.
  • France Trip including Paris Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Disneyland, Loire Valley, Mont Saint-Michel, Villers-Bretonneux Battlefields.
  • Cultural Food Incursions: Crêpe Day, Pastry Day, la bûche, Yakisoba Day, Sushi Day, Gyoza Day, Katsu Curry Day, Obento Day.
  • Excursions: Film Festivals and French/Japanese Cuisine
  • The opportunity to host French or Japanese students each year.
  • Penpals, sister schools and exchange programs
  • Language Perfect Annual Competition
  • Speaking Clubs
  • Project based learning: using ICT, learning games and music


STAGE 4: Y7 & Y8

  • Y7: Japanese & French
  • Y8: Japanese & French

STAGE 5: Y9 & Y10

  • Y9 & Y10: Japanese & French

STAGE 6: Y11 & Y12

  • Y11 & Y12: HSC Spanish Beginners, HSC Japanese Continuers, HSC French Continuers