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History Achievements 2019

A study of History allows students to learn about a range of human experiences from the ancient past and modern world. Students examine the past to explain how people, places and events have shaped our world today. Through a process of historical inquiry students study cause and effect, change and continuity, significance, perspectives, empathy and contestability. History staff at WBHS offer students a wide range of learning activities to ensure students develop a strong knowledge and understanding of historical content, concepts and skills. 

Our top highlights were:

History Study Tour

A History Study Tour organised for 38 Year 11 and 12 students visiting five European countries (Italy, Poland, Germany, France and Belgium). The tour provided both Modern and Ancient History students with an opportunity to visit sites of historical significance relevant to the Stage 6 curriculum. Further, students returned from the trip with greater cultural understanding and lifelong memories.

Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

Participated in the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) with other Hunter Region High Schools generously funded by Rotary. Two students represented Indonesia and two represented Saudi Arabia in a simulated UN Assembly. This provided a forum for students to develop and practise their ability to communicate and collaborate whilst debating topical world issues as thoughtful global citizens, this developing future focused learning skills.

Professional Practice

Shared professional practice within the faculty and wider school community. Strategies such as silent discussions, breakout boxes, inquiry based learning and Kaizena for feedback were shared to increase student engagement and increased professional knowledge of a diverse range of pedagogical tools.

Year 7 - 10 Programs

Developed new Scope & Sequences to facilitate the progressive introduction of Inquiry Based Learning into Year 7 to 10 programmes. This is the result of the integration of staff professional learning at Project Nest, Rooty Hill High School and the Gonski Institute resulting in units of work being based around ‘Big Ideas’ to increase significance of student learning.

ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day

Commemorated ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day with whole school assemblies with representatives from the Boolaroo Speers Point RSL sub branch and a representative from the office of Pat Conroy MP. This provided the meaningful opportunity to unveil our recently completed Centenary Memorial generously funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs Armistice Centenary Grant.

Sydney Jewish Museum excursion

Conducted a site study for over 200 Year 10 students to visit the Sydney Jewish Museum. Students were able to tour the museum, viewing a range of artefacts relating to the Holocaust and hear the testimony of survivors. This site study allowed students to deepen their understanding of the Holocaust and museum curation.


Organised site studies for both Year 8 and Year 9 Elective History classes. Year 8 engaged in a marine archaeology experience at Blacksmiths Beach which deepened student understanding of the challenges faced by archaeologists in this field. Year 9 students visited the Police and Justice Museum in Sydney where they learnt about the process of inquiry and using evidence to support a theory.