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PDHPE Achievements

Our faculty had an exciting year. New syllabus were implemented with increased engagement and outstanding work produced by our students. 

Our top highlights were:

Exceptional HSC PDHPE/CAFS result

Another successful year in our Senior PDHPE courses. CAFs obtained an outstanding 7 Band 6s and 19 Band 5’s. Whilst in PDHPE 5 Band 6’s were achieved along with 15 Band 5s. These exceptional results are a direct correlation of our committed students along with the dedicated teachers who continued to support and mentor their classes towards these results. Our teachers pride themselves of high expectations along with facilitating explicit teaching for the purpose of optimising HSC results. 25% of our HSC teachers are HSC markers which has allowed all staff to be given HSC marking professional learning and hence improve teacher knowledge of the HSC process. 

Community Links

Another successful year in creating community links.

Our PASS students have been called upon on several occasions to referee primary school gala days. These students have undertaken training and developed practical skills in refereeing various different sports. Students have been praised by organisers for their contributions in the success of the day.

This year PDHPE had 4 successfully university students gain their practical experience at Warners Bay High School. Students were paired with different teachers within the faculty and were giving experience and practical opportunities to develop and refine their skills whilst they continued to work towards competency of teaching.

PASS Excursions

This year students engaged in a number of offsite educational experiences. As a part of the Year 9 PASS unit students had the opportunity to take part in the Canoeing Unit. Students walked to the lake to partake in canoeing activities to develop skills in this leisure activity as well as learn about safety and open water.

Year 9 also participated in an Orienteering day at Mimi National Park. Students had the opportunity to compete  in Orienteering as a competitive sport for the day. After developing the skills necessary for this leisure/sporting activity students were given the opportunity to put their skills into a practical situation.

Year 10 visited Hunter Valley Aqua golf centre and Putt Putt golf. Student participated in and learnt golfing skills as part of their practical component. Students also had the opportunity to create different golfing obstacles at school to develop and refine their individual golfing skills. Students were then given the opportunity to further their golfing abilities with a number of our students walking away with prizes as a result of their aqua golf experience.

Coaching unit

A part of the Year 10 PASS elective students have been undertaking studies of Sport Coaching. This year for the first time a practical element was formally assessed where Year 10 students planned, developed and implemented foundation skills to our Year 7 sports cohorts. Student were able to display their leadership and exceptional organisational skills where they developed real practical experience of coaching and mentoring their lesson plans. The future plan will be to forge links with our primary partner schools to have our students visit our primary schools and deliver these lesson plans to strengthen their practical experiences.

Year 8 Child Studies

In 2020 the Child Studies elective was offered as an elective for our Year 8 students. Students studied; ‘Growth and Development of Children’ where they grew their own plants to establish the understanding of nurturing; and ‘Food and Nutrition’ for young people with particular focus on creating food that is healthy and in particular catered for those with special dietary requirements. These elective students gained first-hand experience in preparing, cooking and tasting food that met the dietary guidelines for children. The highlight of this unit was where the students experiment with healthy food to make it a more appealing and attractive food option for children. Along with the opportunity to interact with the baby simulators.

Facilitated Longitudinal Surveys

Managed the participation of 55 students from Year 8 in the ‘Health 4 Life’ survey coordinated by Sydney University were student answered questions regarding their lifestyle choices and knowledge of long term lifestyle choices. Students who participated in this study were the control group.

Online Learning

2020 saw the PDHPE teaching staff to think outside the box in delivering online practical experiences. As 50% of our junior course has a practical component, teachers worked tireless to create engaging opportunities for our students to engage in practical opportunities from a remote learning environment. For PDHPE an at home fitness program was created whilst our PASS teacher created a Prezzo grid. Both options allowed students with individual choice however provide direction in ensuring all students had the opportunity to continue engaging in physical activity.


Our SLR students visited Genetics Fitness centre with the purpose of developing knowledge in fitness programs and designing tailed programs to individual needs. Students have been given case studies and along with the PT at Genetics they have designed training programs with carrying goals. As a result, students married themselves to a program that best represented their overview. Students then had the opportunity to engage in the training program and develop an understanding of training techniques. Students also investigated the importance of food and nutrition with specific focus on the recovery of the athlete as a whole.