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Warners Bay High School is a centre for excellence in Science education.

Science is a fun and dynamic subject encompassing many varied activities and practical experiments.

The Science laboratories at Warners Bay High School were all upgraded in 2011 providing a quality learning environment for students.  The acquisition of a new equipment including a Van Der Graaf generator, Junior and Senior microscopes, interactive three dimensional models of human organs, just to name a few, have further enhanced the deep knowledge and deep understanding  of Science learning at Warners Bay High School.

The Science staff at Warners Bay High School are all highly qualified and engaging professionals who are excited about Science, this enthusiasm is contagious to the students.

Junior Science at Warners Bay High School has an intensive Enrichment, Extension and Engagement Program (Triple E) which promotes excellence in learning.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Investigating Science and Earth and Environmental Science are all offered to senior students.

Science Staff

Lisa Curran - Head Teacher                                                               

Helen James                                                        Michael Murdoch                                                          

Gary Morgan                                                        Ben Pickering                                                          

Phil Thompson                                                     Elise Merceira   

Teegan Ling                                                                        

Michael Ryan                                                      

Craig Sunderland (On leave)                                                                                                   

Randolph Wilkin (On leave)

Tenniele Davis

Cathy Smith (laboratory assistant)

Jodie Black (laboratory assistant)