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Visual Arts Enrichment Programs

Visual Arts Culture

There is a strong Visual Arts culture at Warners Bay High

  • Students are encouraged to work expressively and experimentally to develop and resolve their ideas.
  • Students are able to access the artspace in and outside of class. This access to the artspace enables the progression of artmaking skills, and extra┬átutelage from the Visual Arts teachers.
  • Students visit Artexpress annually to view and engage in different artmaking forms and practices. Students are then able to understand what a Band 6 artwork looks like.
  • Students theoretical and practical artmaking are intrinsically linked. So students develop greater understanding of practice.


  • Two students selected for Artexpress in 2019. Well done, Melanie and Tahnee!
  • Click the link to view their works in Artexpress

First Class Exhibition

  • Eleven students selected for First Class Exhibition in 2020. Congratulations this is a tremendous achievement