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Technology & Applied Studies Achievements

Our faculty had a dynamic year with great works produced by our students, significant new equipment was purchased and major changes to pedagogy were introduced.

Our top highlights were:

TAS Faculties COVID response to online learning were well organised and positive, resulting in the implementation of Google Classrooms as our online learning platforms. Teachers were able to support students at home with their learning, offering class tasks, quizzes, booklet work and feedback on work submitted. Zoom and teams’ meetings online were also a positive solution to not being able to meet face to face.

Four 2020 HSC Textiles and Design students were nominated for SHAPE from Ms Nina Parker Kennedy class.

Students are Charlotte Lawrence, Meabh Nash, Sophie Davidson and Emily Main. Thomas Thickbroom from Craig Butlers Industrial Technology: Timber Products and Furniture was also nominated.

Shape 2020 is an exhibition of outstanding Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students. The exhibition will be at the Powerhouse Museum from 26 February to 9 May 2021. 

Congratulations to Meabh Nash who was selected as a Textiles and Design student from our school for the Shape 2020 exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Ultimo. Another accomplishment was that Meabh's Textiles portfolio folio excerpt became live on the Powerhouse Museum website - it one of three that have been included from all the Textiles exhibitors for SHAPE.

One 2020 HSC Industrial Technology: Timber Products and Furniture student was nominated for In Tech which is an exhibition of outstanding Major Projects from HSC Industrial Technology students. Student is Thomas Thickbroom.

The exhibition covers all Industrial Technology focus areas – Timber Products and Furniture, Automotive, Electronics, Graphics, Metal and Engineering, and Multimedia. The exhibition includes students’ folios that document the design, management, communication and production of their projects.

Four 2020 HSC Textiles and Design students were nominated for TexStyle from Ms Nina Parker Kennedy’s HSC class. Students are Charlotte Lawrence, Meabh Nash, Sophie Davidson and Emily Main.

TexStyle is the annual exhibition of outstanding Major Textiles Projects developed by HSC Textiles and Design students. The exhibition is coordinated by the Technology Educators Association NSW (TEANSW) and will be held in March 2021. 

Congratulations to Charlotte Lawrence whose Major Textiles Project has been selected for Texstyle 2020, the exhibition of a selection of exemplary Technology projects from the 2020 Higher School Certificate.

2020 due to COVID HSC Major Design Projects were marked at school by the HSC teachers: Nina Parker Kennedy (Textiles & Design), Melissa Kennedy (Design & Technology), Brendan Mackay (IT: Metal and Engineering) and Craig Butler (IT: Timber Products and Furniture). This experience allowed teachers to collaborate and build on their skills in supporting students with their Major Design Projects.

As well as marking their own classes projects WBHS TAS teachers Nina parker Kennedy and Craig Butler were invited to head the HSC marking teams for HSC marking due to COVID for Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design in schools in the Cessnock District. Their knowledge and expertise in their subjects have been valued among other schools with this invitation.

Successful implementation of the Stage 5: Year 9: TAS new syllabus programs: subjects included Food Technology, Industrial Technology: Metal, Industrial Technology: Timber and Industrial Technology:  Engineering. TAS teachers have evaluated and adjusted the programs in 2020 for 2021.

The Year 10 programs will be implemented in 2021.

Creation of collaborative learning spaces in the upgrading of E2 and D13: E2 and D13 are now more successful collaborative learning spaces:  Our selection of collaborative furniture supports teachers and students to communicate and exchange ideas in a shared space, allowing creative teamwork! Both rooms now have functional workspaces for students to complete practical work: with E2 having a glass panel installed which allows practical work to occur in conjunction with design work. Utilising the two rooms dimensions and creating collaborative learning environments has definitely been beneficial to learning outcomes of our TAS students.

The TAS Faculty purchased and had two staff trained in a new Sublimation Printer: Sublimation printing is a relatively new world class digital printing technique used on many mediums and a technology we will be introducing to our TAS students. The process involves printing the design which the student has produced via a special inkjet printer, then through a combination of extreme heat and pressure, it is applied and absorbed directly onto the medium which could be T shirt, tote bag a student has made, cap or coffee mug. The dye from the print transfer “sublimates” from solid into gas (skipping the liquid stage). Students are finding that designing and producing a custom garment or project can be immensely satisfying – even fun!