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Science Achievements 2019

The Science Faculty are a dynamic team who encourage students to be inquisitive about Science and the world around them. 2019 saw the introduction of new HSC courses, improved VALID 8 and 10 results and some fabulous recycled craft as part of the renewable energy topic.

Our top highlights were:

Improved VALID 8 and VALID 10 results.

Year 8 students achieved an overall scaled score of 90.67, that was 2.89 above the state average and 2.02 above the SSG. This represents a continuation of the improvement WBHS has experienced since 2018. 74.8% of students achieved an achievement level of 4 or above. This was 12.9% above state average and 8.6% above SSG. Year 10 students achieved an overall scaled score of 94.41, which was 1.48 above the state average. This represents an increase of 7.11 compared to 2018. 81.2% of students scored an achievement level of 4 or above. This was 6.7% above the state average and 1.6% above SSG. No students achieved at level 2 or below.

Duke of Edinburgh

This year saw the highest ever number of students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh program, with Year 12 student Liam Deer completing his Gold Award. Liam completed extensive activities, including a voyage on the Young Endeavour and was presented his award at the Town Hall in Sydney by Prince Edward. The other students who participated in this program all received their Bronze Award. 

Sky Works Planetarium experience

Year 8 students experienced the components of our solar system by participating in the Sky Works Planetarium experience Students took a virtual trip through the solar system to the edge of our galaxy, and then looked at the constellations in our own night sky. This incursion supported their understanding of the Space topic.

Luna Park Excursion

In August, Year 10 students experienced thrill rides and activities at Luna Park in Sydney as part of their study of the concepts of Motion and Newton’s Laws. They attempted to defy gravity on the Rotor when being pulled against the wall at extreme speeds, they experienced inertia as they buckled up and took the wheel behind the dodgem cars and then raced each other on the giant slide. A fun learning experience was had by all, including the teachers!

Year 10 Science and Engineering Challenge

Thirty two Year 10 students participated in the Science and Engineering Challenge. This challenge is held at the University of Newcastle and involves teams working together to construct bridges, catapults and hovercrafts. The students worked well in their teams and engaged to the best of their ability with the activities they completed. At the end of the first session, they were running first, however, after placing fourth in the final bridge challenge, they finished second overall. A fabulous achievement from a talented group of students.

University of Newcastle Build Me Day

Year 8 EEE attended The University of Newcastle Build Me Day in May. This day enabled students to demonstrate their teamwork, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration skills to design and construct STEM items such as bridges, earthquake-proof towers and a Mars buggy. The students finished in third place on the day which was a commendable effort given they had never seen these activities before. 

Taronga Zoo Excursion

In August 100 Year 7 students travelled to Taronga Zoo to participate in a scavenger hunt as part of Science Week. The winning team, aptly called, The Winners, then received a voucher to the Wild Ropes course. Mr Thompson accompanied these students to Sydney where they climbed and adventured through the trees overlooking the zoo. A fabulous, albeit, exhausting experience for everyone involved.

Dorrigo Excursion

On 1 April students from Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science participated in an excursion to Dorrigo.  They attended a lecture given by National Parks and Wildlife staff on the geological history of Australia, it's separation from the supercontinent Gondwana, and how that has impacted on flora and fauna. The students then walked through the rainforest and observed the changes and features of the environment. It was fascinating to see and hear about the evolution of the rainforest, especially the evolution of song birds.

Shortland Wetlands Excursion

Year 11 Biology students participated in a field trip to Shortland Wetlands. They engaged in mandatory first hand investigations involving the collection of ecological data by dip netting for various animal species, sampling wind speed, pH, turbidity, salinity and temperature using data loggers and analysing quadrants and a transect.

Importance of Recycling

Miss Mercieca’s Year 8 Science class recycled old clothing and material to make Christmas garlands to hang as decorations. This was part of the Resources topic where students learnt about the renewable and non-renewable resources on Earth and the importance of recycling.