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Student Wellbeing Achievements 2019

Warners Bay High School maintained its commitment to the health and wellbeing of our students by implementing a range of support programs and providing personalised assistance to our students. 

Our top highlights were:

Top Blokes Program

The implementation of the Top Blokes Program for 42 selected male students requiring social education and mentoring to improve their mental health and social wellbeing. This program has been highly effective in fostering young men’s snese of belonging, building their resilience and empowering them to reach their full potentials.

Life Ready Program

The delivery of the Sexual Health component of the Life Ready Program to all Year 11 students, providing education in safe sexual relationships, respect and consent and the management of the individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Safe Travel

The co-ordination of the Life Ready Program for Year 11 students focusing on ‘Safe Travel’. Roadwhyz empowers students with the knowng adulledge and skills needed to stay safe on the roads. Students completed a survey with 89% stating that the program enhanced their understanding of the impact of poor decision making on their own and others’ lives when driving. Four lucky students received free Driving Lessons in recognition of their exemplary behaviour and commitment throughout the year.

Inside Out Program

The implementation of the Inside Out Program for selected female students in Stage 4 who required support with building positive self-esteem and relationships. This program has been highly effective in developing positive friendships and resilience.

Relationships, Drugs and Alcohol

The co-ordination and delivery of the Relationships and Drugs and Alcohol component of the Life Ready Program to all Year 10 students at Morisset Outdoor Education Centre, providing education in safe sexual relationships, respect and consent and the management of real life situations involving drug and alcohol use in young people.

Breakfast Club

The introduction of the Warners Bay High School Breakfast Club. WBHS partnered with Food and Friendship and Bakers Delight to offer a variety of cereals, toast, milk and juice for a healthy start to the day. While nutrition is the focal point of breakfast clubs, we believe it also provides avenues for connection and engagement with students improving their capacity to learn. Breakfast clubs enable schools to create nurturing, caring environments, where students can start the day having eaten a healthy breakfast and be better prepared for learning.

Self-Esteem and Positive Peer Dynamics

The delivery of the student ‘Self-esteem and Positive Peer Dynamics’ REACH workshop. This workshop aimed to shift the peer dynamic to encourage mutual respect, empathy and individual expression. Students provided positive feedback about the program noting  that it improved their self-awareness and confidence and enhanced their ability to make positive choices, and seek help.

Leapfrog Program

The co-ordination and implementation of the successful Year 6-7 “Leapfrog” Transition Program for twenty students. This program was developed for students requiring individualised attention and support when moving into a large comprehensive high school. Parent and student anecdotal feedback has continued to be positive, particularly in relation to the effective collaboration with partner primary schools.

Orientation Day

In Term Four, Year Six students from our feeder primary schools participated in the Year 7 Orientation Day. Experiences included learning about what to expect on their first day, meeting some of the teachers and participating in team building exercises with the Year 9 Peer Support Leaders and their Year Advisers. A great day was had by all and they were all keen to come back and commence their journey at WBHS in 2020.

Santa Photo Fundraiser

Our Year 12 students and their Year Advisers held a Santa photo fundraiser for the school was included fun for staff and students. The school choir helped to create a Christmas atmosphere by performing some carols and Santa stayed for the whole of lunch on both days.