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Student Wellbeing

At WBHS, our whole school wellbeing strategy is aligned with evidenced-based practices, quality wellbeing resources and effective support services. We have developed and implemented quality co-curricular programs to meet the needs of a wide range of students such as: 

  • programs to meet the personal, social and learning needs of the students.
  • monitoring student attendance and strategies for improvement
  • early intervention programs for students at risk
  • student, family, and community support networks
  • opportunities that the school provides for students to
    • enjoy success and recognition
    • make a useful contribution to the life of the school
    • derive enjoyment from their learning.

In 2022 we were able to incorporate the following programs and events to support the students at our school:

Year 7 camp

The idea of the camp is for students to form friendships outside of their primary school friend groups, to build confidence in themselves and develop their collaboration skills. A great time was had by Year 7's and staff at the Great Aussie Bush Camp.

Wellbeing Workshop Year 7

Students from Year 7 experienced an educational theatre production “The Hurting Game” delivered by Brainstorm Productions that explored online safety, cyber bullying, resilience and mental health through a funny and engaging live performance. Students were involved in discussions at the end of the performance to raise important questions about online safety and positive relationships, strategies for resilience and how to seek help. These programs are developed in consultation with education and mental health experts and the production uses real student experiences to engage. Students felt that this production gave them some practical tools to stay safe, connected and resilient in the face of challenges as a teenager.

Students from Years 8 & 9 experienced an educational theatre production “Sticks and Stones” delivered by Brainstorm Productions. The performance offered a live theatre experience that explored different forms of bullying and aggression, and encouraged respect, assertiveness and conflict resolution at school, at home and online. Students were challenged to consider the impact of their behaviour and develop strategies for managing emotions, seeking help and breaking the cycle of violence. This engaging theatrical performance used humour, soundscapes and physical theatre to capture students' attention and inspire them to make positive changes.

Year 9 Focus Day at Glenrock Lagoon

In Term 3, the entire Year 9 cohort spent their Focus Day at Glenrock Lagoon Scout Camp. Over 90% of students attended the day coordinated by Ms Cummins and Mr Read. Students were divided into groups and participated in wellbeing programs about resilience and relationships, as well as team building activities including a scavenger hunt, hiking, sandcastle building and canoeing. Students enjoyed an outdoor pizza lunch with games and a slip n slide moments before being hit with an afternoon downpour. The weather didn't hinder participation and prizes were awarded at the end of the day to the winners of each activity and students displaying the most effort. All in all, everyone had a great day forming bonds, working together and having fun.

Leapfrog Program

Our High School transition program incorporates “Leapfrog sessions” and included 26 students from Year 6. The program was developed for students requiring individualised attention and support when moving into a large comprehensive high school. Parent and student anecdotal feedback has continued to be positive particularly in relation to the effective collaboration with partner primary schools.

Small group programs delivered by the SSO

Throughout the year a range of small group wellbeing programs were facilitated with students from Years 7-10. These programs equipped students with skills in effective communication, building healthy relationships, developing resilience, positive coping strategies, and mental fitness, and assisted them in building valuable and supportive connections within the school community.

Luna Park Focus Day 

Approx 130 Year 10 students enjoyed a fun day out at Luna Park with Year Advisors and other members of the Well Being Team. The Focus day provided important opportunities to reward and connect with students in situations out of the normal School Environment. 

Love Bites

Year 10 participated in ‘Love Bites’, a respectful relationships education program exploring issues of safety and trust, relationship violence, sex and relationships, consent and the law. Students were able to discuss and learn about their rights and responsibilities in relationships, and look at ways to access support when needed, in a safe and supportive environment.


The iRespect program was facilitated with small groups of students in Years 9 and 10, and aimed to help young men form healthy, respectful relationships. Throughout the program students engaged in meaningful conversations where they explored and questioned attitudes and beliefs about gender stereotypes and power imbalances and contributed valuable ideas in a respectful and non-judgemental environment.

Healthy Choices

Year 10 students participated in the Healthy Choices Program. The invaluable program educated students about making healthy and informed choices as they enter young adulthood. The students conducted themselves with maturity as they navigated the healthy choice incursion.

Peer Support

Approximately 30 students helped to lead and facilitate the Year 7 Peer Support course. Peer Support offers the students to make connections with junior students. The Year 10 students conducted themselves with maturity as they supported our junior students through their initial introduction to High School. The Peer Support Team then joined Year 7 to further extend their support on the Year 7 camp at the Great Aussie Bush Camp.

Year 11 Life Ready

In 2022 Year 11 experienced a variety of educational and engaging workshops covering a wide range of areas under the 'Life Ready' program. Teachers at WBHS developed and refined workshop material to create experiential activities for the students.

The 'Life Ready' initiative focuses on the idea that “most young people move through adolescence without great difficulty. When they feel positive about their health, safety, wellbeing and future, young people are more likely to achieve better educational outcomes, make successful transitions to work and further education, develop healthy adult lifestyles, experience fewer challenges forming relationships and become more actively engaged citizens. Secondary students are a diverse group. They vary in their levels of maturity and in their ability to manage changes and challenges at this time of life. The way in which young people plan for and respond to these situations can have a significant impact on their future.”

Students experienced workshops covering relationships, mental health and wellbeing, sexuality and sexual health, drugs and alcohol, careers options and study skills. Each workshop was specifically designed to address the needs of young people in an open and safe forum where students developed a greater awareness of themselves, their relationships with others and how their approach to life can be influenced by positive self-talk. Both teachers and students should be celebrated for their collaboration and exploration of issues that young adults feel empowered by. Well done to the school community.


Co-ordinated the Life Ready Program for Year 11 students focusing on ‘Safe Travel’. Roadwhyz empowers students with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe on the roads. Students completed a survey most students stating that the program enhanced their understanding of the impact of poor decision making on their own and others’ lives when driving. 4 Lucky students received free Driving Lessons for their exemplary behaviour and commitment throughout the year.

Student Executive

Six students from the Year 10 Cohort were selected to be part of the Senior Student Executive Team for 2023. Congratulations Tia N, Ellen M, Logan R, Cooper F, James H and Madeline C.     


Year 7 Camp

Year 9 Focus Day

Year 10 Healthy Choices

Love Bites

Backflips for Bullying

Year 10 Focus Day

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