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Warners Bay High English Staff

Mrs. M. Fraser – Head Teacher Mrs. S. Monk
Mr. C.  Brown Mrs. R. Carsons           
Mrs. A. Farrugia Mrs L. Mason
Ms. H. Cummins Mr. T. Doyle
Mrs. J. Lewis Mrs. J. Mulry
Mrs T. Goldfinch Ms. M. Presutti
Mrs. S. Grujevski  


At Warners Bay High School the English Faculty aims to fulfil the school's mission statement of providing ‘Quality Education for  All' while at the same time making the study of English interesting and productive for students.

Through a multi-faceted approach to English, students are made aware of the relevance of English as a means of communication that concerns almost every aspect of daily life.

The WBHS English staff varies in age and experience and as a result, each bring their own level of creativity and innovation into the classrooms.

In both the Junior School (Stage 4-5) and the Senior school (Stage 6) we aim to fulfil the outcomes of the English Syllabus  which is concerned with reading, writing,  speaking, listening, viewing  and representing. We aim to instil in students an ability to effectively communicate at all levels and to understand how language shapes meaning. Added to this, students are also encouraged to be confident and effective speakers as oral skills are consistently developed from Years 7-12.

In the Junior school, students are exposed to a variety of written, visual and multimodal texts including film study. They explore issues involved in such themes as  difference and diversity, teenage experience, prejudice as well as stylistic features of famous authors, poetry and song and of course the life, times and plays  of William Shakespeare. 

In the Senior school, students, with the aid of experienced teachers, continue to explore concepts , analyse and evaluate various texts, using varied text types  as stated in the Stage 6 Syllabus. Warners Bay offers Advanced and Standard English, English Studies and Fundamentals as well as Extension 1 and Extension 2 .

English Faculty Activities

  • Junior and Senior students are offered the opportunity to be involved in debating. Warners Bay has been very successful in debating competitions with schools both in the region and the state.
  • The Newcastle Herald Newspaper competition for schools.
  • Excursions to various live theatre productions, such as the yearly Year Nine Romeo and Juliet excursion where we have over one hundred students travelling to Sydney to view the performance.
  • Various HSC English Information days held in both Sydney and Newcastle.
  • In school performances by professionals, such as the Year 10 Hero's performance or Year 8 story telling.
  • Year 12 Tutorials held during the school holidays to support and compliment their learning.

Teachers also make extensive use of technology both in the classroom and for homework purposes, through Sentral and Moodle as well DET e-mails where teachers of senior English, mark  students work on-line and offer constructive comments. This also operates during the holidays and most importantly the Year 12 student break prior to the HSC.

The English Faculty at Warners Bay High School is dedicated to providing quality, progressive education for all students.