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Portals, Moodle and Software

Skoolbag App


Skoolbag App for mobile devices

Recommended for all students and parents for daily notices and communications



Parent Portal Sentral

Parent and Student Portal Sentral


For Parents, to view welfare infomation, reports, timetables, parent/teacher bookings, attendance and more. An invitation email with instructions is sent to the family email that was registered with the school office at enrolment.    Any issues please contact the school.  

Students log in with your username and password to access your timetable and notices.

Department of Education Potal

Student Portal


Student Emails

Personal Portal - Learning links to Online MS office and Google Suite (classroom/drive)



Students Accessing Google Classroom


How to Access Google Classroom

All students will use Google classroom to access their school work online Please click the PDF file link below for instructions.  Teachers will invite students to join classes or will give out class join codes via email.

Accessing Google Classroom Instructions quick links PDF

Detailed Instructions PDF

Printing for Students

Students receive a Papercut welcome email soon after arriving at Warners Bay High.  Students can use the Library printer/photocopier/scanner with their username and password.  30 free prints are available to students.  Printing top up cards can be bought from the office to add value to their account. 


Free Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Staff

Adobe Software


The latest applications available in Adobe Creative Cloud is via single sign-on for all students and staff.

Just login with your email address and password to access all of Adobes newest application downloads




Free Microsoft Office for Windows, Mac and mobile

Microsoft Office


WBHS Students can access MS Office 365 online via https://www.office.com using their student email as their username [username@education.nsw.gov.au] or via their student portal.  [Student portal->  Learning -> MS OFFICE 365] 

Select the Install Office button top right to install the desktop Office applications.

Mobile apps are also available via your devices app store  

Free Google GSuite

Google apps for education


Access to Google Apps for education. such as Google Classroom, File storage on Google Drive and more.   Apps for Mobile devices are also available via your devices app store

Students log in with their student account [username@education.nsw.gov.au]. or via their student portal.

[Student Portal->Learning-> GSuite) 

Chromebooks have immediate access to Gsuite when students use their student  account, [username@education.nsw.gov.au].


Online tools for Creativity

Online tools for Creativity


Online tools for Creativity

List of online only software tools. Ideal for chromebooks, or any internet device.





Connecting to the Wifi

wifi byod

Students can join the DETNSW wifi network and authenticate with their username@detnsw and password.  

Then visit the webpage http://detnsw.net/ to authorise your session.  Bookmark this webpage for quick access.  

Wifi is available for all internet capable devices.



While a student is enrolled in a NSW Public School, they are allocated user credentials that provide them with access to email, student portal, Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.  They can access these services for free both while at school and from home - or anywhere else.  BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY LEAVE?

Students have 180 days after their leave date before they lose access to:

  • Their school email account (GMail)
  • Their Google Drive contents
  • Any Google Classrooms they were joined to
  • Their Microsoft OneDrive contents
  • Any Microsoft Teams they were a member of

So from the time that they leave, they have 180 days to check all their content/files in these school-provided services and download anything that they need to keep. There is no need to delete what they do not wish to keep. Anything left in their cloud repositories after the 180 days will no longer be accessible to them