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English & Drama

2023 Highlights


Debating has gone from strength to strength at Warners Bay High in 2023, with two Stage 4 and one Stage 5 team competing with distinction in the Premier’s Debating Challenge. Our dedicated debaters have continued to develop their individual public speaking skills while working collaboratively to plan and deliver effective arguments and rebut their opponent’s models. Our debating teams are to be commended on their commitment to presenting well-constructed arguments and working collaboratively. Well done Anisha R, Brook O, Claudia T-B, Imogen S, Maddie M, Madison M, Nicholas R, and Sophie E (Stage 5) and Chloe F, Ella V, Harry A, Isla S, Misha C, Monique C, Sage N, and Jack C (Stage 4).

Our teams and coaches are keen to continue this success in 2024!

Year 8 Intro into Shakespeare

In Term 4, Year 8 students were introduced to the works of the bard himself, William Shakespeare. Students explored a range of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry and enjoyed viewing modern film adaptations of some of his most famous works. Classes engaged in a range of activities including play building workshops and composed their own poetry. The EEE class wrote and illustrated their own class collection of poems ‘Suite of Strange’ that experimented effectively with language form and features, showcasing their creative prowess in a booklet of engaging sonnets.

Turn the Page

The 2023 musical ‘Turn the Page’ showcased the talents of Warners Bay High School’s budding writers, actors, and musicians. ‘Turn the Page’ was written, produced, and directed by members of the Year 11 and 12 Drama class, with the support of their teacher, Ms Cummins. Drama, Music, and Tech students took their audiences on a theatrical journey from Fantasy to Fiction, Romance to Rock n Roll, and Shakespeare to Science Fiction, following the experiences of a group of students hiding out in the back of the library. The performance hit all the high notes, giving a new meaning to the library back catalogue. Audiences were impressed by the efforts of students, Music and Drama teachers, and all the people behind the scenes!

Year 11 English Extension 1 Excursion

Ms Wilk’s Year 11 English Extension students had a private tour and engaged in a research workshop at the State Library of NSW in Sydney during Term 2. They learnt how to effectively research databases to support their independent projects and immersed themselves in all the library had to offer, including the coveted Shakespeare room. Everyone left feeling inspired and agreeing with Stephen King that “books are a uniquely portable magic.”

English Extension 2

Year 12 English Extension students displayed academic rigour throughout the development of their major works. Mrs Grujevski stated that they went above and beyond expectations and created quality, refined pieces of writing that read like established authors. She also acknowledged the amount of time and effort that each student put into their craft both inside and outside of the classroom. Congratulations to the students of English Extension 2023. Your dedication is reflected by impressive results.

Tantrum Theatre Workshop

In Term 2, students from Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Drama participated in a workshop with Tantrum Theatre. Our students enjoyed the workshop facilitated by Hannah and Barney, who engaged students in a range of activities designed to extend their skills in improvisation. 

Year 11 Drama Festival at Hunter School of Performing Arts

Year 11 Drama participated in the Hunter Drama Festival at Hunter School of Performing Arts in Term 3. Along with students from six other schools they performed their self-devised play called 'Wish I was'. The audience enjoyed the performance and our students had a great time mixing with other theatre kids and “getting their drama on.”

Warners Bay NBA

During Term 4, the inaugural Warners Bay NBA was a huge success. The competition saw over 200 students play in the group stages with four games every lunch break. In what ended up being a four-week competition, over 50 games were played with huge crowds of students and teachers coming together to enjoy the entertainment and support the players. The finals included some particularly close games that went down to the final seconds. Students from all year groups were represented in the competition and a team from Year 10, The Kings, were the eventual winners of the Warners Bay Cup.





Turn the Page

State Library

Drama Festival