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2023 Highlights

Sister School Exchange 
Students of Japanese at Warners Bay High School participated in an online exchange with Japanese students in our sister School, Suginami Gakuin, communicating by sending cards, videos, and presentations to Suginami. Term 3 saw our sister school, Suginami Gakuin, visit the school and a fantastic cultural exchange program over 10 days was enjoyed by all.

Year 10 students improved their linguistic and cultural understanding of Japanese through sharing their home and family presentations for Australian and Japanese high school students.

Year 7 students of Japanese posted New Year cards to our sister school students, written in Japanese, and decorated with representations of Australian and Japanese cultural celebrations of the New Year.

The National Languages Competition

The Language Perfect Competition saw all our language students, both French and Japanese compete. Well done to all our students in achieving fantastic results.

The WBHS Language Championship saw prizes of a $40 voucher for 1st in the school, Favourites box of chocolates, a Pizza Party lunch, certificates, and commendations. Well done Language champions! 

French Cultural Food Incursions and Cultural Excursions

Year 7 French classes finished their unit on cafe culture by sampling ‘pain au chocolat’, ‘croissant’ and ‘grenadine’. Students learnt how to order food in French at the counter to prepare them for future travel experiences and Crêpe Day. The local ‘’Bonjour Crêpe” market stall attended WBHS for a one-day event and invited all French classes to taste the famous ‘crêpe’ cooked in the true French style. ‘Crêpe au chocolat’ ou ‘sucre et citron’ made freshly on site by Emilie from ’Bonjour Crêpe. In total nearly 200 crepes were enjoyed, and our students made us proud using their French to order their special treat. What a delicious way to celebrate the end of a fun but productive term in the French Classroom. Merci Emilie.

Year 8 French celebrated Christmas in July the French way, honouring traditions by decorating a Bûche de Noël (Yule Christmas log). They also enjoyed learning about ‘le goûter’ (afternoon tea) savouring brioche and chocolate. The students also studied Bastille Day and Le Tour de France. Students enjoyed learning about these cultural events and will be learning about the Galette des Rois next (King's Cake tradition). C'est magnifique!

Film and Feast took place this year for our Year 8 and Year 10 students. On this day, we took our elective French students to watch ‘Le petit Nicolas’, a fun comedy following the mischievous adventures of a school boy and his friends. Students enjoyed a ‘croque monsieur’ and a drink from the local sandwich shop whilst watching the movie.

Japanese /French Cultural Food Incursions and Cultural Excursions  
Chef Luca visited our school and taught our language students the cooking skills for Japanese and French cuisine. A wonderful experience for our students.

 Gyoza Day highlights included the amazing Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students speaking Japanese when ordering their pork or vegetarian dumplings. Every student ordered to the best of their ability in Japanese and really enjoyed the dumplings served up. 
Year 8 also learnt about Shodō (Japanese tea ceremonies). Students learnt the 8-step process, tried traditional bitter Matcha and compared it to the sweet, popularised version. They then chose a sweet mochi (rice) ball to complement the bitterness of the tea. The flavours available were chocolate, Yuzu, bubble milk or red bean. Students washed their hands, bowed, kneeled as they whisked the green tea and turned their bowls 180 degrees before slurping away.