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2023 Highlights


Year 7 History had a lot of fun presenting their artefacts at the Ancient History Civilisation Convention ‘Civicon’. They worked in groups as part of project based learning to develop their skills in problem solving, working as a team and researching to develop a museum-grade artefact and exhibition. Amazing effort and some fantastic artefacts presented!

HSC Results

HSC students in Ancient, Modern, and Extension History achieved outstanding results in the 2024 course. For most, their HSC result was a personal best and was a testament to their hard work and commitment throughout the year. As teachers, we are very pleased when their hard work pays off and are extremely proud of their efforts.

Dusted Off

Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend ‘Dusted Off”, a performance by Brett Hunt. Brett grew up in a house often filled with Vietnam vets, he listened to these men talk, and developed an understanding of the war and its impact on the men and their families. He observed firsthand the intense feelings of alienation, the destructive effects of PTSD, the breakdown in family relationships and the impact on women and children. In his play Brett  tells of his mother Connie and his father Frank; who joined the army at 17, trained at Canungra jungle training centre, departed Townsville on the Vung Tau ferry and found himself a forward scout in the jungles of Vietnam. 

Holocaust Incursion

Year 10 History students were privileged to attend a seminar with genocide specialist, Dr Ari Lander. Dr Lander conveyed powerful questions and information to the students about the specific nature of the Holocaust, and the very ethics of humanity. 

Year 9 Elective Archaeology Task 

Year 9 History Elective had fun completing their Shoe-Box Archaeological Dig today. They spent two weeks researching and creating a dig site that they gave to another student to excavate during their lesson.

Rameses Exhibition Excursion

Year 9 Elective students were transported back 3,300 years to the heartbeat of Ancient Egypt ruled by the most celebrated pharaoh in the country's storied history. Students visited the Rameses Exhibition at Australian Museum which built on their knowledge of the life and accomplishments of Ramses II, more commonly known as Ramses the Great, who ruled Egypt for 67 years – the second longest reign for any pharaoh, living an astonishing 92 years.  

Cockatoo island and Crime and Justice Museum Excursion

In Term 4, Year 10 History Elective visited Cockatoo Island. They undertook a guided tour in which they learnt about the history and use of the site throughout time and studied the significance of the site to Australia. 

Chai Chak Museum Excursion 

Year 11 Ancient History students visited the Chau Chak Wing Museum at Sydney University in Term 3. They learned about the importance of archaeological evidence by handling artefacts and examining museum exhibits. They also gained a deeper understanding of the ethical issues associated with the treatment and display of human remains. 

Col Whitney Cup Winners 

Students from Yr 9 and 10 were the inaugural winners of the Col Whitney Cup soccer competition. They competed against 7 other schools from our region and conducted themselves with maturity and sportsmanship. 

All players conducted themselves with maturity and sportsmanship.