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Social Science

In Social Science courses, students have been diving into exciting activities that boost their critical thinking and creativity, while also honing their adaptability skills which is of growing significance in today’s complicated global landscape. Throughout 2023 teachers prioritised creating learning opportunities for students to step outside the confines of the traditional classroom setting, encouraging their immersion in the natural environment, and prompting them to scrutinize and question the dynamics of the world that surrounds them.

2023 Highlights

Year 8 Geography Visual Learning Expo (VLE)

Within the Year 8 Geography course, students engaged in fieldwork along the Warners Bay Esplanade to assess the liveability of the area. They employed observation, field notes, discussions, and photography to gather information for their VLE task. Numerous students successfully fulfilled all three components of the task, comprising field notes, a slideshow, and a report. Despite being a lengthy process with its share of challenges, many students not only achieved outstanding results but also developed essential key skills applicable to other areas in their academic journey.

Year 10 Geography - Visiting Fingal Bay and Birubi Beach

The Year 10 Geography class carried out fieldwork at Fingal Bay to put into practice the theories they had studied in the classroom, focusing on coastal processes, issues, and management strategies. Utilising various instruments for real-world data collection was particularly exciting for many students who had never experienced this type of hands-on learning before. Following the fieldwork at Fingal Bay, students were transported to Birubi Beach where they observed coastal processes in action, gained insights into the conservation area, and participated in tourism activities such as 4-wheel driving and sandboarding. It proved to be an enjoyable day filled with exploration, learning, and fun.

Accelerated Senior Geography

In an innovative trial initiative, the Senior Geography program introduced an accelerated study option for selected Year 10 students. Three students enthusiastically accepted the invitation, engaging in Year 11 Geography coursework a year ahead and aiming to complete their HSC for the subject while still in Year 11. The experience proved highly successful for the Year 10 participants, providing them with valuable exposure to the workload and expectations characteristic of Year 11 and 12 subjects. Notably, all accelerated students performed exceptionally well, ranking within the top 35% of the cohort. Encouraged by this success, the accelerated program has been extended for 2024, attracting more participants than initially anticipated. As a result, the 2024 Year 11 Geography class will now comprise 50% accelerated students.

Year 8 Marine Studies - Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney

The Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney provided an immersive experience for Year 8 Marine Studies students last year. The students delved into the wonders of the sea, exploring exhibits that featured a diverse array of marine life, including jellyfish, rays, sharks, penguins, and the delightful dugong named Pig. The enthusiastic engagement in learning opportunities at Sea Life Aquarium Sydney resulted in another successful learning opportunity.

Year 9 International Studies

2023 saw the introduction of the International Studies course into Social Science. The International Studies course provides the framework for the study of culture, and the promotion of intercultural understanding. Students were provided the opportunity to explore and recognise their own cultures and appreciate cultures from different perspectives.

Year 9 International Studies - Cultural Expo

A Cultural Expo held as part of the activities run in the International Studies course, provided students in Year 9 with an opportunity to exchange knowledge about diverse cultures. Following the expo, students engaged in a multicultural food experience, where they participated in the preparation and consumption of Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Additionally, they had the chance to savour delectable Japanese mochi for dessert.

The Bizfair in Commerce

For numerous years, Bizfair has been a thriving event at Warners Bay High School, offering students a valuable opportunity to participate in the establishment and operation of small businesses. Collaboratively, students design a product suitable for sale during the Bizfair Market Day in the Year 7 COLA at lunchtime. On Market Day, students are tasked with successfully running their stalls, showcasing their communication, teamwork, and entrepreneurial skills. As part of a formal assessment, students are required to complete a report, with each group member assuming a specific role such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Finance Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, and Legal Advisor. Bizfair plays a crucial role in enhancing students' deep understanding and knowledge of the ‘Running a Business’ topic in Stage 5 Commerce. The feedback from students on this experience is consistently positive, and the entire school community actively supports this Commerce project. The anticipation leading up to and during the market day creates a palpable buzz of excitement. This highly anticipated event engages all students in the class, fostering strong relationships within the class and across the school.

Senior Courses

Society and Culture and International Studies students - Overnight Belief Systems and Ideologies Excursion

Visiting the Lakemba Mosque - On the morning of June 1, 2023, a bus carrying International Studies and Society and Culture students embarked on an overnight excursion to delve deeper into Australia's prominent belief systems. The first destination was the Lakemba Mosque, established in 1977 by the Lebanese Muslim Association. The tour was led by one of the LMA's Imams, offering an insightful overview of Islam and addressing numerous student inquiries.

Visiting the Nan Tien Temple in Berkeley - The overnight excursion to the Nan Tien Temple was filled with a myriad of activities, including a temple tour, Dharma talks on Buddhism, Tea Chan, and meditation, culminating in a 5 am wake-up for the drum ceremony and morning Tai Chi. This experience is designed to allow students to experience a day of life at the temple. While practicing mindfulness and observing noble silence posed challenges for some students, the temple grounds proved to be a rewarding visit.

Visiting Venkateswara Hindu Temple - Students got their bearings with a visit to Bald Hill lookout in Stanwell Park, the journey continued to the Venkateswara Temple, a Hindu Temple in Helensburgh. Noteworthy as one of the largest of its kind outside of India, the temple presented a spectacular sight after undergoing recent renovations. For many students, this was the first time they had been inside a Hindu Temple to learn about the belief system. The cultural adventure concluded with a meal at Jasmins Restaurant in Auburn, providing students with the opportunity to observe the nearby Auburn Mosque.

Senior Geography Excursion to Port Macquarie

In November 2023, the Year 12 Geography students embarked on an excursion to Port Macquarie to investigate their two case studies related to the 'Ecosystems at Risk' topic. On the first day, the class toured through Sea Acres Rainforest, where theoretical concepts came to life. Engaging all their senses, students gained a comprehensive understanding of ecosystem processes, identified threats, and explored effective management strategies for protection.

Despite challenging weather conditions that evening, with dinner amidst mist and fog on North Brother Mountain, students had a unique experience and fostered camaraderie through engaging in various activities and games.

The second day involved an exploration of Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park, an intertidal wetland. It was great to see our guide effectively consolidate and reinforce crucial course concepts and content, aligning with what the teachers emphasise and essential elements for HSC exam responses. The excursion proved highly successful, as firsthand experiences with ecosystems significantly contribute to our understanding. Both staff and students enjoyed the educational adventure.