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Bring Your Own Device

Chromebooks are our preferred device  however Windows and Apple laptops are also supported.   
Chromebooks are fast and light weight devices that can be often found for less than $500.  Perfect for quick research and immediate access to student GSuite, Google classroom and MS Office online.

acer chromebook

Suggested Device Options.

The following criteria should be considered in making your purchase.

  • Protective Case.
  • At least 4GB RAM .
  • For Chromebooks at least 16GB Storage but it is recommended that 32GB devices or higher if working offline for long periods of time. Windows devices will require at least 128 GB hardrive storage.
  • Wireless (2.4GHz/5GHz).
  • Operating platform - Chromebooks - Windows 10 - IOS (Apple)
  • Insurance/Product Care etc - the school is unable to replace or repair damaged devices.



windows 2 in 1

Windows 11 Laptop recommendations,

Laptops (or 2 in 1s) with SSD drives  (at least 256gb) are recommended, 8+gb ram, and a Intel i3, Intel i5, Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 CPU.   Windows laptops with these specs can be found in the $600 ->$1200 price range.   Better value  can be found by purchasing less expensive models every couple of years rather than an expensive model hoping to last the whole school journey.  

Is BYOD Compulsory

A large percentage of our intake will come from 1:1 laptop pubic schools and those students as well as students with pre-exisiting Windows or iOS devices at home will not be expected to purchase a Chromebook if their device is still operational. The school will make every effort to support Year 7 students who are not in a position to purchase their own Chromebook, but it is strongly recommended that your student comes to WBHS with their own device. If this is not possible we have a collection of older laptops and devices in staffrooms which are still operational and will cater for students for short periods of time.

What is a device? -  Any laptop, hybrid laptop or tablet which has wireless capability and a keyboard. .

For further questions ring the school number 02 4954 9488 and ask for

Mr Bruce (HT Admin) or Mr Voigt (Technical Support)

wifi byod

Connecting to the Wifi

While at school, students can join the DETNSW wifi network and authenticate with their username@detnsw and password.  

Then visit the webpage http://detnsw.net/ to authorise your session.  Bookmark this webpage for quick access.   Wifi is available for all internet capable devices.




Software - See the Links and tech support Section to learn about free software available for BYOD and Home devices



Chromebook Setup

Create an account with the student's email on the device for schoolwork.   Follow the wifi advice while at school.  See the Technology Helpdesk if there are any issues.



Digital Citizenship


Empowering young people to be positive, smart and safe online

Digital Citizenship

Tips and advice for growing up and living in the digital age 





If you have an ACER device and have issues, please contact Acer below. 

Acer Support on the Web


Acer warranty support - 1300 365 100


PC MERGE Warranty Chromebook Service, repairs and warranty, contact support