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2023 Highlights

Year 11 Biology Fieldtrip 

On August 2, Year 11 Biology students attended the Awabakal Environmental Education Centre at Dudley for their mandatory fieldwork studies. Students used a variety of sampling techniques to obtain data to analyse differences within four ecosystems in Awabakal Nature Reserve. They thoroughly enjoyed a day of hands-on activities in the beautiful sun, showing outstanding teamwork as they went.


On Thursday 31/8, 20 Stage 5 students attended a High Potential and Gifted Day with Whitebridge High. The day was designed to get students thinking outside the box with several challenges for each group. The day culminated in the groups create a catapult with points being awarded for accuracy and distance. A big congratulations to all the students involved in the day with a special shout out to our Year 10 girls who finished the day as winners.

Science Week Primary School Visit

For Science Week, Mr Turner and Mr Ryan, along with some ex-Valentine Public students from Year 10 (Maya T, Caleb M, Mac A and Max K), travelled to Valentine Public School to be a part of their Science Week. The students at Valentine were treated to some amazing demonstration experiments to celebrate all things Science. The experiments included some pH level colour changes, shooting rockets across the oval and, everyone’s favourite, Elephant Toothpaste.  Valentine was extremely welcoming, and the students had a blast. The Year 10 helpers were absolute heroes and a perfect example for Warners Bay High.

Year 12 Chemistry Orica

On Monday 15th May, 14 Year 12 Chemistry students travelled to the ORICA chemical plant on Kooragang Island. This excursion was a part of their depth study looking into the workings of a major plant in the chemical industry. The students were provided with expert information about the particular chemicals produced at ORICA, in terms of both the production and economic side of the manufacture of chemical substances. The students were also taken on a site tour, which included a tour of the ammonia and nitric acid production plants, the analytical laboratory and the control centre for the monitoring of the individual plants. The students enjoyed the experience and were grateful for the time provided by the plant operators and engineers in helping them better understand the workings of a chemical plant and the potential career opportunities available in the chemical industry

Year 10 Science and Engineering Challenge

32 of our talented Science students represented the school at the 2023 Science and Engineering Challenge. In teams of four they completed a series of different challenges to overcome theoretical that modelled the role of an engineer in everyday situations. Our students showed great initiative and almost won the day, scoring highly in most of the challenges. Students that attended were very enthusiastic at the end of the day, increasing their appreciation for the roles of engineers and exposing them to post school study options based in STEM.

Year 11 Ansto Excursion

Our Year 11 Chemistry and Investigating Science students were lucky enough to undertake a site visit to the Ansto Nuclear Facility in Lucas Heights. Students were able to engage in a series of activities to analyse the role that nuclear science can play in society. They also came to appreciate how vitally important it is in developing modern technologies. Students gained a much deeper understanding of Nuclear Technology through witnessing a nuclear reactor first hand. Feedback from the students suggested it was a very worthwhile and enlightening experience.

GATS Camp 2023

One of our Science Teachers led a Science Focus Group at the annual GATS camp run for talented Year 6 students from all over the Hunter region. The activities focused on students performing a series of chemical reactions usually reserved for the high school Science Laboratory. Students were thoroughly engaged during the day and the organisers were greatly appreciative of our schools contribution, helping to make the camp a great success.

Duke of Edinburgh 2023

A group of 11 students from Year 12 were able to engage in the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze award. Many of this years participants were able to complete the award this year and found it to be both rewarding and enjoyable. This required planning and organisation from a variety of teachers, led by the Science Faculty.

Primary School Visits

In Term 4, Mr Turner, Mrs Lewis and Miss Mercieca visited our partner primary schools as part of Warners Bay High School's transition program. They demonstrated a range of scientific experiments including neutralisation reactions using acids and bases and students were able to observe various colour changes. The students also designed their own catapults using minimal materials, and then tested the accuracy and range of the catapults. The enthusiasm shown on the day has continued into their first term at Warners Bay High School.  


On Sunday 28th and Monday 29th of May, students in Year 12 Earth Science travelled to Bellingen and Dorrigo to examine the formation of Australia's east coast and implications of long term climate change through plate tectonics.  They participated in a tutorial and walked through ancient Gondwanan rainforest, discussing the weathering and erosion of the escarpment along the east coast of Australia and the evolution of Australia's flora and fauna since our separation from Gondwana; in particular the separation of the recently discovered continent Zealandia.  It gave the students a better understanding to be able to go to the site and be given a talk from experts in this field of Science.  The students also enjoyed the bakeries in Bellingen.