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CAPA - Music

2023 Highlights

Community Ceremonies and Performances

Autumn Rotary Fair Speers Point

Thirty Warners Bay High Big Band members were part of the Autumn Rotary Fair's entertainment lineup. The Big Band opened the fair with a dynamic performance. Members from our school also participated in other performances throughout the day including the rock band 'Industry Plant' and Bella S from Year 8 who performed with the singing group 'Pitch Perfect’, as well as Ella M, Alex M, and James G who marched and performed with the Marching Koalas.

Cardiff Streets Eats

The Warners Bay High Rock Bands and Year 12 students provided the entertainment for the council initiative labeled “Streets Alive” at Cardiff. The Rock Bands “Puerile” and “Industry Plant” took to the main stage and provided an hour-long concert. Year 12 students provided 3 hours of entertainment on the second stage singing covers and original pieces. Our students made an outstanding contribution to the evening providing ambience and entertainment for the crowds as they enjoyed a variety of markets and food stalls.

Coco’s Carols

In a spectacular evening that lit up the heart of the community, Coco's Carols Valentine became the stage for an unforgettable musical experience, thanks to the Warners Bay High Jazz Band and Choir and the special performance by Chiara F, a talent whose voice is as powerful as it is poignant. Coco's Carols Valentine was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of music, talent, and the vibrant community spirit that thrives in Warners Bay. The performances by the Warners Bay High Jazz Band and Choir, coupled with Chiara F's exceptional showcase, ensured that this evening would be remembered as a highlight of the year's cultural calendar.

Anzac Day

The Warners Bay High Choir sang at Valentine ANZAC Day. Five members of the Choir proudly represented the school at the Valentine Lions Club Anzac Day Service including Olivia H, Amber T, Madison T, Lucy Y and Harry A. These students sang with confidence and musicality as they led the hymns and national anthem at the service.

StarStruck  - Exemplary musical contribution

Congratulations to all the students who performed in Star Struck IGNITE 2023.Warners Bay High School's contribution is commendable. WBHS had students represented in the following areas of the show:

●     Featured Dance: Nicholas R

●     Featured Solo Artists: Chiara H and Jaiden-Lee R

●     Backing Vocalist: Sarah C

●     Core Choir: Eva C and Madison T

●     Orchestra: James H

●     Sound and Stage: Zayne R

●     Special Education Dance Group: Kobi R, WBHS Choir

Student groups were also featured in the Star Struck Choir and the Star Struck Dance Group. None of this could have been possible without Dance Teacher Mrs M Kerr, Choir Teacher Mr T McLennan, and Starstruck Assistant Choir Director and Music Teacher Mrs E Husband.

The students were supported and loudly cheered on at the Friday Matinee by WBHS students who participated in an excursion to see the show. The show was a spectacular CAPA showcase displaying the depth of talent in the Hunter Region and providing important opportunities for our students to showcase their talents.

School Lunchtime Concerts

Harmony Day

WBHS celebrated Harmony Day, covering the school with orange. The SRC and SSE organised a lunchtime event with live music performed by our talented musicians from a variety of different age groups. The live entertainment was paired with a sausage sizzle, and a jellybean guessing competition for the audience to participate in. Our Rock Bands played with charisma and style and entertained with some quality musicianship. All the students and teachers gathered to create a wonderful day with a positive atmosphere of inclusivity.

Year 12 End of School Celebration Lunchtime Concert

WBHS Music students, along with our incredible Teaching Team, went above and beyond to ensure Year 12 students had an unforgettable last day with a lunchtime concert filled with excitement. Year 9 and 10 Elective Music students brought the quad to life with their performances. The event was further highlighted by a special appearance from the renowned Teacher Band, “A Band for Teachers."

HSC Music Senior Singers Masterclass

In an extraordinary opportunity for budding vocalists, five senior Music students from our community had the privilege of participating in a Vocal Masterclass led by the renowned vocal coach, Julie Wilson. This exceptional session aimed at refining the students' talents, provided them with invaluable knowledge and resources specifically tailored to enhance their Higher School Certificate (HSC) performance pieces.


Year 12 Induction Assembly

Mia F, Chiara F, Madison T and Tyler G presented and performed a beautiful selection of music for the Captains and Prefects at the WBHS Formal Induction Assembly. We are grateful for the contribution that talented Music students make to ensure these occasions are special and memorable for students and parents.

End Of Term Formal Assemblies

Thank you and congratulations to the Musicians and the Tech Team that provide the Music for the Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, and Year 11 end-of-year Formal Assemblies. These students provide an invaluable service and make all our school services very special and memorable. Thank you for your hard work throughout the year.

School ANZAC Day Ceremony

At the Anzac Day assembly, the Warners Bay High School Choir delivered a confident performance. Connor A masterfully played the 'Last Post' and 'Reveille,' showcasing his talent and style.

Naidoc Day Assembly

At the Naidoc Day Assembly, the Music Ensemble presented a stunning rendition of the Australian national anthem in Awabakal, beautifully sung by Madison T and complemented by Tyler G's didgeridoo accompaniment. The Warners Bay High School Choir delivered a captivating performance of "My Island Home," enhanced by the accompaniment of a talented student band.

Year 12 Graduation Assembly

Chirar F, Brianna M, and Mitchel S captivated the audience with their confident and exceptionally skilled performances at the Year 12 Graduation Assembly. Showcasing their talents, these students delivered outstanding renditions of selections from their HSC Music program, greatly enhancing the event's atmosphere.

Special Awards

Morton Music Award

In an outstanding display of musical talent, Chiara F (Year 12), James H (Year 11), and Olivia H (Year 8) were honored as recipients of the prestigious Morton Music Award. Selected through a competitive audition process, these students showcased their exceptional skills at a concert held at Belmont Christian College, performing for members of the Belmont Rotary Club, alongside family and friends. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them for not only receiving monetary awards valued at $500 but also for earning the esteemed title of Morton Scholarship Recipients.

This accolade is open to all students eager to demonstrate their musical prowess, with application details announced annually in March through our Music Google Classrooms and the School's Facebook page.

Musician of the Month

We celebrate and recognised students outstanding contributions to Music through our “Musician of the Month” award. Throughout the year, several students from WBHS have demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent in the realm of music, achieving remarkable results both within the classroom and throughout the wider community. In recognition of their outstanding contributions, these students have been honored with certificates and twenty-dollar gift vouchers, marking their exceptional achievements and commitment to the musical arts. Congratulations to Calumn B, Jack K, Chiara F, Maddie T, Mia B, and Charlie R on this well-deserved recognition. May their musical journey continue to flourish and inspire others along the way.

Concerts and Showcases


MAD Night

Elective Music students have the opportunity to wow audiences several times a year at the WBHS MAD NIght showcases. Music students and the Tech Team collaborated to put together a polished and entertaining show,displaying their many talents and skills.

Year 12 MAD Night

Year 12 students shone at the Year 12 MAD Night. They performed a selection of HSC pieces.

MAD Night Talent Contest

Congratulations to all students who performed and displayed Artworks in the MAD Night Talent Contest. The Music, Tech Team and Art Students stunned in the final MAD night for Term 4.  It was an entertaining event and a fantastic showcase of the talents of our amazing CAPA students. Congratulations to our winners, and well done everyone who performed. MAD Night Talent Quest winners were

  •  1st Place awarded to "Industry Plant" - Elijah B, Jack K, James H, and Liam W who performed a dynamic original of their composition "Ignorance"
  • 2nd Place awarded to Maddison T showcasing a stunning performance of "Stars and the Moon" from the musical songs from “New World”
  • 3rd Place was awarded to Riley N with his moving rendition of "Ocean" by John Butler

Concert for the Visiting sister school of Suginami.

The Year 11 Music students delighted our visiting sister school from Suginami, Japan with a vibrant and melodious concert. Demonstrating a broad range of talents, the students introduced each piece bilingually in both Japanese and English, adding a unique and inclusive touch to the performance that resonated with all attendees.

Lizottes Year 11 Showcase

Year 11 Music students wowed family and friends with their Lizotte's Showcase. The students worked tirelessly throughout the term practising at lunchtime and before school. They collaborated to present an eclectic selection of entertaining music. The Lizotte’s venue facilitates a professional music performance experience for the students while family and friends enjoy dinner. This important experience helps to prepare students for Year 11 HSC performance exams.

Year 6 into Year 7 Orientation Day Concert 2023

In a spectacular display of talent and collaboration, Warners Bay High School's music students, alongside their dedicated tech team, orchestrated a mesmerizing concert for Year 6 students on Orientation Day in Term Four. This event not only showcased the exceptional musical abilities of the students but also highlighted their commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for incoming students.

The concert, a culmination of creative efforts, saw students engage in the entire production process, from inception to execution. Collaborating closely, they composed, arranged, and rehearsed pieces, ensuring a seamless and captivating performance. Behind the scenes, the tech team worked tirelessly to ensure the audiovisual elements enhanced the overall experience, adding depth and vibrancy to the musical journey. By sharing their passion and dedication, the music students embodied the spirit of inclusivity and community that defines the school and offered a glimpse into the vibrant arts culture at Warners Bay High School.

School Musical

School Musical: Turn the Page

In a harmonious blend of creativity and collaboration, students from the Music, Drama, and Tech teams joined forces to produce an extraordinary musical titled "Turn the Page." This ambitious project showcased the immense talent and dedication of a diverse group of students, whose combined efforts resulted in a captivating performance that left audiences spellbound. The musical team, consisting of Ellen M, James H, Hugh P, Laura S, James G, Flynn S, Toby P, and Harry D, represented the epitome of synergy and artistic excellence.

As the curtains drew to a close on "Turn the Page," it marked not just the end of a musical but the beginning of a new chapter for all those involved. It was a celebration of unity, passion, and the transformative magic of the arts—a true testament to what can be achieved when students come together to turn dreams into reality.

Excursions and Incursion

African Drumming

Year 7 students enjoyed an exciting and vibrant incursion by the African Drumming Group 'African Beat'.This fun interactive incursion was a fabulous introduction to rhythm and beat. Teachers and students alike were called upon to improvise performances and experience the joy and energy of the unique cultural experience of African Drumming.


ENCORE is a program of outstanding performances and compositions by students from schools across NSW, presented for the 2022 Higher School Certificate Music examinations. Our Year 11  and Year 12 Music students were provided with an opportunity to travel to the Sydney Opera House to see and hear a selection of exemplary works presented for the 2022 Higher School Certificate Music examinations. The program illustrated the range, variety, and challenges offered by the three HSC Music courses across styles, genres, and musical periods. Encore is such an important event that exposes our students to different forms of artistic expression, fostering an appreciation for the arts. Watching talented peers perform can inspire our students to pursue their own artistic passions and goals. Seeing others excel in their craft can motivate students to work harder and strive for excellence in their own performances.

Ensemble Incursion

The WBHS Big Band and Choir joined together for an exhilarating full-day immersion in the vibrant atmosphere of the WBHS Multipurpose Centre (MPC). With unwavering dedication, students poured their energy into countless hours of rehearsal, fine-tuning the captivating repertoire slated for Term 1. Amidst the harmonious melodies and rigorous practice sessions, there was also a hearty indulgence in everyone's favorite fuel: pizza. This collaborative endeavor not only showcased the immense musical prowess of the students but also served as a celebration of teamwork, discipline, and the boundless joy of creating music together.

Billy Excursion to Newcastle Civic Theatre

Students in Year 8, 9 & 10 Music and Year 9 & 10 Visual Arts traveled to Newcastle Civic Theatre to watch Billy Elliot the Musical as part of the Stage 5 Music Topic Theatre Music. The students also had the fantastic opportunity of being part of a post-show Q&A with the cast, crew, and orchestra.

Eisteddfods and Competitions


WBHS Concert Band and Stage Band performed with style and confidence at Bandfest. The Big Band received commended and placed 3rd in their division. The newly formed Stage Band received Highly Commended and placed 2nd in their division. Bandfest is an annual interschools Band Eisteddfod. This year it was held at the Newcastle Town Hall. Congratulations to all students and teachers involved in this wonderful achievement.


Bandwidth, an annual rock band competition in the Hunter Region, recently showcased the impressive talents of high school bands at HSPA. Prizes include professionally recorded singles, music videos, promotional interviews, professional gigs, and gift vouchers. These rewards promise to elevate the winning bands' visibility and provide valuable industry exposure. Bandwidth not only celebrates musical prowess but also fosters community spirit among young musicians in the region. Congratulations to our bands, "Industry Plant" and "Rat Poison" for their stellar performances featuring original material. As we applaud their success in Bandwidth 2023, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth of our music scene at school, fueled by the passion and creativity of our emerging talents.

Youth Rock

Two of our Rock Bands, “Puerile” and “Industry Plant”, represented WBHS at the statewide rock band competition 'Youth Rock' which was recently held in the Grand Ballroom of the Bankstown Sports Club. It is a regional competition with finalists from around the state competing. This fantastic experience provided the students with access to advice from industry professionals, professional photos, and sound and video of their performances.


Senior Jazz Band

In 2023, we proudly unveiled the inception of our Senior Jazz Band, marking a significant milestone in our musical journey. Comprising dedicated and highly skilled students, the Senior Jazz Band has been diligently crafting a remarkable repertoire. These talented individuals have demonstrated exceptional commitment, sacrificing their lunchtime on Thursdays to hone their craft and perfect their performances. Their passion for music and unwavering dedication reflect the spirit of excellence that defines our institution.

Primary School HPGE Music Program

Our Primary School HPGE (High Potential and Gifted Education) Music Program welcomed visiting students for a day filled with excitement and learning. From interactive workshops to a thrilling Rock Band session, participants were inspired and engaged throughout. The program sparked a deep enthusiasm for music, fostering creativity and collaboration among young talents. We're proud to have provided an enriching experience that ignites a lifelong love for music in our future musicians at Warners Bay High.

Year 12 Results

Music students worked with diligence to achieve HSC results above the state average. The Music class achieved three Band 6, four Band 5 and one Band 4. The performance bands indicate high levels of achievement demonstrated by students in Music 1.  

Staff Achievements

After completing his training in 2023, Mr T. McClennan is a certified VET Entertainment Teacher. The purpose of the course is to enable students to achieve an entry-level qualification in the entertainment industry. The core will allow students to acquire knowledge and skills related to the collaborative nature of roles and structures in the various environments of the entertainment industry. This course will expose students to a variety of performances and events, styles, venues, and audience expectations. Mr McLennan will start teaching the course as an elective subject to Year 11 students in 2024.

Mrs E. Husband was chosen to be part of the StartStruck Team in 2023 as the Assistant Choir Director StarStruck IGNITE. This prestigious role required Mrs Husband to assist the Choir Director with all aspects of the choir in the show including the use of visual effects and props; assist the Choir Director with the audition and allocation process for schools for all choir nominations; prepare choir package in consultation with the Choir Director, Operations Manager, and Creative Director; liaise with the Assistant Musical Director to prepare the equipment needed for Mass Choir rehearsals; prepare information regarding selection criteria, viewing and assessing all applicants and providing feedback on request; and much, much more. StarStruck's passionate, dedicated team value collaboration and share one common goal; giving thousands of public school students every year the best opportunity to connect and shine!

Mr Forbes was provided with the opportunity to undertake HSC Music Performance Examination marking this year, allowing him to develop teaching strategies to further enhance our students' deep knowledge and understanding of the practical components of Music.


The school choir has significantly enhanced school and community spirit through its diverse performances. From inspiring beginnings at the Induction ceremony to celebrating culture at NAIDOC and marking milestones at Graduation Assemblies. Their involvement in MAD Nights and community-wide events like VPS Carols and Star Struck has showcased their talent and versatility. Through music, the choir has not only entertained but also united and inspired, proving to be a vibrant force in enriching community life.

WBHS Big Band

The Big Band has had an exceptional year, earning a "Highly Commended" at Band Fest and captivating audiences at the Autumn Rotary Fair and all MAD Nights. Their growth in size and talent has not only enriched the local music scene but also set new standards for community bands. The Big Band's success is a testament to their passion, teamwork, and the vibrant energy they bring to every performance, solidifying their role as a cornerstone of local entertainment and cultural unity.