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Technology and Applied Studies

2023 Achievements

2023 HSC Results

Congratulations to TAS on the positive outcomes in the 2023 HSC results! The hard work and dedication of both students and teachers have paid off. The distribution of Band scores across different subjects showcases a well-rounded achievement. 

The results not only highlight the academic achievements but also speak to the effectiveness of the teaching methodologies and support systems in place. It's a testament to the collaborative efforts of both students and teachers, Ms. Melissa Kennedy (D&T), Mr. Leigh Ford (Engineering St), Ms. Jodene Whitton (Food Tech), Mr. Brendan Mackay (IT Metals) and Mr. Jason Moore (IT Timber). 

Year 12 Design and Technology Major Design Projects 2023 

HSC Design & Technology students successfully completed their Major Design Projects (MDP) after months of hard work and dedication! The diverse range of projects, from architecture and business websites to candle design, visual novels, computer games, clothing, and rug designs, showcases the students' creativity and versatility.

Using a variety of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, CAD – Home Styler, and more, the students demonstrated their proficiency in multimedia tools. The integration of different software highlights the interdisciplinary nature of their projects, providing a holistic approach to design.

The commitment to creating innovative designs and learning new skills is commendable. Building a Design Portfolio to document the design process adds value to their work, allowing them to showcase not only the final products but also the journey and decision-making involved in the creation of their marvelous MDPs. The inclusion of computer games coded using Unity showcases the student's ability to blend design and technology seamlessly, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the multimedia field.

Congratulations to all the students and their teacher Ms. Melissa Kennedy for their outstanding achievements!

Tech Girls

Congratulations to the WBHS TECHGIRLS Blue Screen team - Imogen S, Sophie E, and Ami B - for winning the NSW Secondary School Winner category! We are proud of the girls and their efforts to design and produce a winning app called TEACHU.

"So, lockdown happened, and it shut down our lives for years, but we kept growing. Now, some adults can’t change or fix a tap, and students who missed a year's worth of English. What skills did the pandemic take out of your life?"

'We noticed that the COVID-19 lockdown has caused a massive education gap in our society. Our app aims to decrease this by enabling students to find and connect with tutors, study buddies and study groups. Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew? Are you failing trigonometry? Well, with our app, we can teach u! Our app has a chat feature in which tutors and students can communicate. Teach me, Teach U, Learn together. '

A quote from one of this year's judges: "The girls are truly remarkable, and they certainly have a thing or two to teach us all."

Very proud of the girls, for working together and putting in a huge effort to achieve great things! Big thanks and gratitude to their mentor Lyndal Hamwood and Mrs Lisa Chawner (Coach).

Shape 2023 

The following students from Mr Mackay's 2023 HSC Industrial Technology Metals and Engineering class, Luke B, Michael N, and Luca S were nominated for consideration in Shape 2023. Shape is an annual exhibition of exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, and Textiles and Design students.

Luke B was shortlisted for consideration in Shape, for exhibition in 2024. The panel considered all nominations and was impressed by the high standard of work presented. Many elements need to be considered when selecting the range of projects for exhibition. Unfortunately, the major projects were not selected for the exhibition. 

The WBHS TAS department is extremely proud of the three students' accomplishments. Well done to Luke, Michael, Lucas, and their teacher Mr Mackay.

HSC Industrial Technology Major Projects and Folio showcase.

The continued high standard of work by the 2023 HSC cohort of Industrial Technology Timber and Metal, was showcased to parents and friends in Term 3 2023. 

These showcase evenings not only highlight the technical skills and craftsmanship of the students but also demonstrate their ability to conceptualise, plan, and produce projects. It's an excellent way to involve the community and give parents and friends a firsthand look at the dedication and talent of the students in the Industrial Technology course. Such events play a crucial role in fostering a sense of pride among the students and their families, as well as showcasing the school's commitment to providing quality education in Industrial Technology. 

Congratulations to the students and their teachers Mr. Brendan Mackay and Mr. Jason Moore for the successful evening, and best wishes for their future endeavours in the field of Industrial Technology.

Year 11 Textiles and Design

The 2023 Year 11 Textiles and Design class had a successful and creative first major project! Designing and manufacturing a range of projects in costume and apparel, including corsets, a regency dress, a crochet vest, a tweed jacket, a summer dress, and a fairy dress, showcases a diverse set of skills and a commitment to producing high-quality textile items.

The fact that the students demonstrated sophisticated design principles and advanced construction techniques reflects well on their understanding and application of the subject matter. This experience will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for their future design projects, particularly as they prepare for their Textiles & Design Major Textile Projects for the HSC in 2024.

The variety of garments they produced also indicates a well-rounded exploration of different styles and techniques within the field of textiles and design. This exposure will likely contribute to the students' versatility and creativity as they move forward in their studies. Thank you to their teacher Mrs. Nina Parker Kennedy for her outstanding support and guidance.

Wicked Excursion

Year 8, 9, 10, and 12 Textiles students at WBHS had a fantastic opportunity to attend the Lyric Theatre in Sydney and witness the 20th-anniversary season of the production of "WICKED." This experience is undoubtedly valuable for students studying costume design as part of their curriculum.

Attending live performances allows students to see the practical application of the concepts they learn in the classroom. In this case, witnessing the creative works of costume designer Susan Hilferty on stage provides real-world insights into the field of costume design.

The production of "WICKED" is particularly noteworthy for its elaborate and imaginative costumes, and Susan Hilferty's work is highly acclaimed in the industry. Experiencing her designs in a live setting can inspire and deepen students' understanding of the creative process involved in costume design.

Such outings not only enhance students' appreciation for the arts but also serve as a source of inspiration for their design projects. Being able to connect classroom learning with real-world examples can significantly impact students' enthusiasm and comprehension of the subject matter.

This excursion to the Lyric Theatre created lasting memories for the students and will contribute to their growth as budding designers. 

Year 7, 8, 9, and 10 TAS classes

Year 7, 8, 9, and 10 TAS students and teachers were actively engaged in various projects and folios throughout 2023. Utilising a well-rounded curriculum that covers a range of practical and design skills across different disciplines.

Digital Technologies and IST: projects related to computer programming, coding, web design, or other digital applications. Students developed their skills in problem-solving and critical thinking through these projects.

Engineering and STEM: Projects involve designing and building structures, solving real-world problems, or exploring different branches of engineering. Students applied scientific and mathematical principles in practical settings.

Material Technologies: This area includes working with materials like wood, metal, plastic, and textiles. Students engaged in projects where they designed and created physical objects, enhancing their craftsmanship and understanding of materials.

Food Technology: Involved in learning about food preparation, nutrition, and the science behind cooking. Students worked on projects related to creating recipes, exploring food safety, or experimenting with different cooking techniques.

Industrial Technology: This field has a wide range of applications (Timber and Metal) from manufacturing processes to product design. Students were involved in projects related to understanding industrial processes and creating prototypes.

Textiles and Design: This involved working with fabrics, fibres, and other materials to create clothing or other textile-based products. Students developed their creativity and practical skills through designing and making textile items.

These hands-on experiences are invaluable for students as they not only provide practical skills but also foster creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. The TAS faculty encourages the exploration and application of knowledge in diverse fields.