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Secondary Studies

2023 Highlights

Intensive Learning Support Program

Three teachers conducted highly successful small group interventions to support students with improving their literacy and/or numeracy. Groups consisted of 3-5 students meeting  three times a week. 60 students participated in this program with NAPLAN and Check-In Assessment results showing most participants achieved significant progress.

Transition into Year 7

Orientation Day for the Year 7 2024 students ran successfully with students interacting with teachers and their peer support leaders and enjoying a BBQ lunch. Students from non-partner primary schools were invited to an afternoon in Term 4 so they could meet a few teachers and become familiar of the school grounds rather than risk being overwhelmed when starting without knowing any peers. Ms Crowe and Mr Rosser, their Year Advisors ensured students became familiar with the school and started to develop relationships.

Brain Food Program

The Brain Food program empowered Year 7 students by developing skills which helped them to learn more effectively. Sessions included:

  • benefitting from having a growth mindset
  • developing study skills 
  • effective organisation and time management
  • making the most of the “Learning Pit” challenge
  • managing stress and anxiety
  • metacognition and different ways of learning 

Visible Learning Expo

Year 8 students were able to engage fully with the Visible Learning Expo in 2023. Small groups of students presented their work to a panel in the library and explained how they’d engaged with the goals they set at the start of the year, solved problems and produced high quality assessment tasks. In addition to the Year 7 helpers, a group of Year 10 students with strong leadership capabilities assisted teachers with each of the round table interviews.

Life Ready

Senior students participated in a series of activities throughout the year in order to complete the 25 hour mandatory Life Ready course. Sessions addressed a range of issues from careers to relationships, financial literacy and even safe travel. RoadWhyz provided a high-impact session on road safety that encouraged students to be responsible road users. 

National Minimum Standards

All Year 10 students participated in testing for NMS with small groups receiving support throughout the year to improve their literacy and numeracy. The few Year 11 students yet to achieve the standards had small group support sessions. Year 12 students who had not yet satisfied the Reading, Writing or Numeracy requirements were supported by Learning and Support Teachers so that all reached the minimum standard prior to completing the HSC.

Check-In Assessments

With NAPLAN cancelled in 2020, Check-In Assessments were introduced to provide additional diagnostic information. All Year 8 students engaged with the reading and numeracy assessment in Term 1, and all Year 7-9 students completed these assessments in Term 4. This provided excellent diagnostic information to help teachers target learning activities to address any gaps students might have and to identify and target learning support. Year 6 Check In Assessment information was also made available as part of transition arrangements, assisting with the planning of classes for 2024.