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Student Wellbeing

2023 Achievements

Year 7 Camp

This Year 7 orientation camp is part of our school transition program and designed to encourage and support students to form friendships outside of their primary school friend groups. A variety of activities encouraged students to build confidence in themselves and develop their social and collaboration skills. A great time was had by the Year 7 students, Year 10 Peer Support leaders and staff at the Great Aussie Bush Camp Tea Gardens.

Peer Support

Approximately 45 Year 10 students helped to lead and facilitate the Year 7 Peer Support program throughout late 2022 and early 2023. Peer Support offers the students the chance to make connections with Year 7 students. The Year 10 students conducted themselves with maturity as they supported our junior students through their initial introduction to High School. The Peer Support Team then joined Year 7 to further extend their support on the Year 7 camp at the Great Aussie Bush Camp.

Leapfrog Program

Our High School transition program incorporates “Leapfrog sessions” and included 24 students from Year 6. The program was developed for students requiring individualised attention and support when moving into a large comprehensive high school. Parent and student anecdotal feedback has continued to be positive particularly in relation to the effective collaboration with partner primary schools.

Small group programs delivered by the SSO

Throughout the year a range of small group wellbeing programs were facilitated with students from Years 7-10. These programs equipped students with skills in effective communication, building healthy relationships, developing resilience, positive coping strategies, and mental fitness, and assisted them in building valuable and supportive connections within the school community.

Love Bites

Year 10 participated in ‘Love Bites’, a respectful relationships education program exploring issues of safety and trust, relationship violence, sex and relationships, consent and the law. Students were able to discuss and learn about their rights and responsibilities in relationships, and look at ways to access support when needed, in a safe and supportive environment.


The Life Ready Program for Year 11 was completed during Semester Two with students focusing on ‘Safe Travel’ in Roadwhyz. Presented by external facilitators, the program empowers students with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe on the roads. Students completed a survey most students stating that the program enhanced their understanding of the impact of poor decision making on their own and others’ lives when driving.

Year 10 Focus Day at The Forum

In Term 4, the entire Year 10 cohort spent their Focus Day at The Forum at the University of Newcastle, coordinated by Ms Cummins and Mr Bruce. Students were divided into groups and engaged in team building and collaboration activities outdoors, on the courts and in the pool. Students enjoyed an outdoor pizza lunch and a session on the challenging water inflatable course. Even the most uncoordinated conquered the beast with prizes awarded at the end of the day to the winners of each activity and students displaying the most effort. All in all, everyone had a fantastic day strengthening bonds, working together and having fun.

Year 7 Focus Day at WBHS

Year 7 students spent the day building the world's biggest mousetrap (this may be an exaggeration) coordinated by Year Advisers Mr Lloyd and Ms Wilk. Students collaborated and solved problems in teams to co-ordinate and activate a pretty impressive structure and were rewarded with food and prizes.

Year 9 Focus Day at Treetops

In Term 4, the entire Year 9 cohort spent their Focus Day at Treetops and the Blum Gum Regional Reserve. Students were divided into groups and engaged in team building and collaboration activities outdoors, in the treetops and throughout the reserve. Students enjoyed an outdoor sausage sizzle cooked by Mr Pickering. The day proved to be quite a hot one, with all students trying to cool down with plenty of ice blocks and cold drinks. A big thank you to Miss Merceica, Mr Pickering, Ms Blaz and Mr McKay for running the activities. All in all, everyone had a fantastic day strengthening bonds, working together, pushing boundaries, and having fun.

Year 7 Focus Day


Year 7 Camp

Peer Support

Year 9 Focus Day

Love Bites

Year 10 Focus Day