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CAPA - Visual Arts

2023 Achievements

MAD Nights

We strive to provide students with the opportunity to perform, exhibit, and manage equipment at regular events such as MAD night, formal assemblies, and community exhibitions. This enhances the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom and gives students ownership of their work across the CAPA Key Learning Area.

During Terms 2 and 4 we celebrated our bi-annual 7-11 MAD Nights. We were thrilled to showcase the amazing talents of students from across the Arts within the school and broader community.  These magnificent nights aimed to engage students and the wider community by encouraging creativity and inspiring everyone to think differently about making artworks, performing, connecting to others, and reflecting on how the Arts fit in a modern world.

Term 3 was our HSC MAD Night and what a diverse array of artworks exhibited from our Year 12 cohort was on display! Students had the opportunity to curate an exhibition across a variety of expressive forms for their HSC Bodies of Work. This is a significant part of the creative process where our students exhibit their work to an audience in a gallery setting.

The artworks and performances on show at each event highlighted the passion and dedication of the CAPA staff.

Head2Art Creative Wellbeing Program

We had a group of Year 9 students participate in the pilot HEAD2ART program at Lake Mac Arts, the Museum of Art and Culture, yapang. HEAD2ART aims to provide a creative wellbeing program for school groups, connecting young people with cultural experiences while addressing contemporary issues through art, and providing strategies for resilience and community engagement. Students were involved in a series of three artmaking and wellbeing workshops that were being offered at MAC yapang throughout September. These workshops were facilitated by artists Tallulah Cunningham, Indeah Clark, and Anna Scobie, supported by an art therapist and a headspace Newcastle Community Development officer, providing a safe space for creation and connection the initiative was to focus on supporting positive mental health through a creative outlet. The volunteers involved in delivering the program were Warners Bay High Visual Arts graduates and all participants valued the positive experience.

Year 7 Transition Program

The Year 7 Visual Arts Transition Program is an opportunity to build relationships with children, families, and the community, as well as an opportunity to orient children to the school context. Students from our primary feeder schools were invited into our artspaces and were exposed to our wonderful Visual Arts program. Students had an enjoyable experience creating their own Picasso inspired artwork. They are super excited to embark on their creative journey at Warners Bay High School in 2024.

Year 8 Visual Arts Excursion to MAC Gallery and Nobbys Beach

Each Semester, our Year 8 elective Visual Arts students went to MAC Gallery to view a variety of diverse exhibitions including “First Class 22’, ‘Ian Strange-Suburban Interventions’ and ‘Lateral Landscapes’. Students engaged in discussions and Critical and Historical investigations. Students were also given the opportunity to work with Ryan Burrett from Alt Objectives to create some visual responses to the world around them using a variety of artmaking techniques. Students formed groups to create 3-dimensional sculptures from sand at Nobbys Beach. They walked around the promenade to take photographs of different landscape perspectives, which will form the subject matter for their Body of Work. It was a great day to explore their immediate environment as a source of inspiration for their own artmaking practice.

Artist in residence program- Contemporary indigenous artist Lizzy Stageman HPGE Workshop

During Term Four, two workshops were held at Warners Bay High School for our annual Visual Arts High Potential and Gifted Education program. Students from our four feeder primary schools and students from our Year 9 Visual Arts elective classes participated in designing and resolving a site-specific mural. Students worked collaboratively with local contemporary Indigenous Artist Lizzy Stageman to develop the large site-specific mural for the Warners Bay School community. This was such a wonderful experience for all involved. In addition to promoting creativity, inclusivity, and engagement, the new school mural has enhanced the learning environment and created a visual impact.

First Class 23

Our 2023 HSC Visual Arts students created outstanding artworks and we celebrate the inclusion of student works in the First Class 23 exhibition at the Museum of Art and Culture (MAC). The exhibition maintains a tradition of curating around a theme from outstanding work produced by Hunter and Central Coast HSC Visual Arts students. From the 2023 cohort, Warners Bay High School had six students selected to exhibit their work. Congratulations to Airlie B, Archie B, Lachlan B, Tylah B, Sophie C, and Jayden P. Not only were their artworks materially sophisticated but also demonstrated strength in their conceptual meaning.

Artexpress 2023

Warners Bay High School was thrilled to announce the inclusion of two HSC Bodies of Work for ARTEXPRESS 2023 from 8035 students across NSW. Congratulations to our artistically talented and creative Year 12 students, Lachlan B and Jayden P who have had their artworks selected to be showcased at Tamworth Regional Gallery and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. ARTEXPRESS is an annual exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding students' artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC Examination in Visual Arts in NSW and we are absolutely thrilled to see our students exhibit their Bodies of Work alongside other exemplary artworks created by New South Wales Visual Arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.

‘All About Me’- a collaboration between Year 10 Visual Design Ceramics students and Honeybee Pre-school

In a heartwarming display of creativity and community spirit, Year 10 Visual Design Ceramics students embarked on an inspiring collaboration with Honeybee Pre-School, culminating in a project that celebrates the essence of individuality and identity. The journey began with Honeybee Pre-School's 'All About Me' project, where young students delved into the exploration of their own identities and what makes each of them unique. Understanding the significance of this endeavour, Year 10 Visual Design Ceramics students eagerly joined forces, recognizing the opportunity to contribute to this meaningful dialogue through art. The Year 10 students ventured into the pre-school, collecting self-portraits meticulously crafted by the preschoolers. These two-dimensional representations served as the raw material for a transformative artistic process that would see them translated into three-dimensional ceramic tiles. In celebrating the completion of this project, we recognise not only the artistic achievements of the Year 10 Visual Design Ceramics students but also the power of art to transcend boundaries and connect communities. Together, they have demonstrated the transformative potential of creativity in fostering a deeper understanding of self and others.

Artist of the Month

We were thrilled to extend our congratulations to the exceptional talents who have been bestowed with the prestigious title of 'Artist of the Month' throughout the past year. Each recipient demonstrated remarkable dedication, creativity, and skill in their artistic endeavours, setting a commendable standard for their peers. Artist of the Month celebrates their outstanding contributions to the world of art.

In February, Jessica F was our first Artist of the Month. Her artistic prowess and innovative approach showcased her strong understanding of visual expression. March brought forth Taylah B, whose artistic flair illuminated her work. Jorja S emerged as a beacon of creativity in April, mesmerizing us with her unique artistic perspective. Ava K, from Year 11 Visual Arts, stole the spotlight in May with her exceptional interpretation of 'Places and Spaces'. In June, Hunter V from Year 9 Visual Arts, captured our imagination with his intricately layered and resolved lino printed animal. Rosie C, in Year 9 Visual Arts, stood out in November with her abstract sculptural form and critical exploration of art history. As the year drew to a close, Edith S and Paige M shone brightly as beacons of artistic brilliance. Each of these talented individuals has left an indelible mark on our artistic community, reminding us of the boundless potential of human creativity. We extend our sincerest congratulations to all our ‘Artist of the Month’ recipients.

Sculpture of the Sea

Year 12 Visual Arts students went to Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi/Turramurra to walk the coastline to explore the world’s largest public sculpture exhibition. The spectacular coastal walk was once again transformed into a 2km long sculpture park over three weeks featuring more than 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the world. Our students had a fantastic time and have now completed their first Case Study for their HSC Critical and Historical component of the course.

Vasily Kandinsky and Louise Bourgeois

The Year 12 Visual Arts students embarked on an enriching artistic odyssey at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of the esteemed Sydney International Art Series. Delving into the captivating realms of two legendary artists, Louise Bourgeois and Vasily Kandinsky, our students were immersed in the transcendent beauty of their masterpieces.

With keen eyes and eager minds, our students delved into the depths of Bourgeois' profound emotional installations and Kandinsky's revolutionary abstract expressions. This unique opportunity not only broadened their artistic horizons but also provided invaluable insights that will greatly enhance their Visual Arts HSC studies.

University of Newcastle

We kick-started the year by welcoming back the students from the University of Newcastle, School of Education. During Term 1, our team of Visual Arts teachers modelled best practices in the teaching of senior Visual Arts through the presentation of a series of five lectures and lesson observations to Newcastle University students enrolled in Specialist Studies in Senior Visual Arts. This was an opportunity to provide potential arts educators with examples of best practice in the Visual Arts classroom and develop important links between Warners Bay High School and the University of Newcastle.


Mr Burton was provided with the opportunity to undertake HSC Visual Arts Critical and Historical Examination marking that allowed him to develop strategies to enhance our students' deep knowledge and understanding of the theoretical components of Visual Arts.

Throughout 2023, Mrs Pfister mentored two new teachers in rural communities, guiding them through their first year teaching the HSC Visual Arts course. Aimed to enrich the educational experience for students, the commitment made by the teachers highlights the transformative power of mentorship in empowering educators and enhancing learning in remote areas.


In the vibrant world of dance, Starstruck stands as a beacon of creativity and inclusivity, showcasing the remarkable achievements of its performers. Within its dynamic roster, standout individuals shine, representing a tapestry of talent and diversity. Congratulations to all of our dancers from Year 7 to Year 12, including one feature dancer, two dance groups, and one student from the Special Education class. In Starstruck, talent knows no bounds, and diversity is celebrated with open arms. Each of our dancers, whether a soloist, or ensemble member, contributes a unique flavour to the rich tableau of the stage, creating an unforgettable experience for all who witness their artistry.