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Flipped Learning Initiative

Flipped Learning at WBHS is all about turning learning upside down by doing homework in the classroom and lessons at home via videos and screen-casts developed by teachers.


The theory behind this is that students can come to class having pre-learnt much of the basic material and then be able to participate in more productive learning activities in the classroom with the assistance of the teacher who is now freed from the front of the room to assist small groups and give individual instruction. The trial is currently running in 7 Geography, 11 Business Studies, Maths and IPT with selected classes. For more detailed information you can download the information form given to parents of students in participating classes.

Flipped Learning Letter (docx 72 KB)Flipped Learning

Here are a few sample playlists of lessons for 7 Geography and 11 Business Studies.

Year 7 Deserts (4 lessons)

Y11 BusinessSt (3 Lessons)


Mr T Husband

HT Admin/VET/Technology.