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Work Experience

Fast Facts:

  • All Year 10 students can undertake Work Experience

  • 5 days (1 week) of any school term

  • ONLY in weeks with NO assessment tasks - check

  • Documentation - Students must complete this Work Experience Booklet (pdf 776 KB) prior to their placement

  • Work experience is a not mandatory activity

More details...

Year 10 students can undertake work experience on demand. In other words, there will be specific weeks during the year when all students will be able to do work experience. Individual students can choose where, and in what week they would like to undertake work experience and the school will facilitate such a placement as long as the student does not have an assessment task or exam that week. It is suggested that students check their ROSA Assessment Calendar for Work Experience Weeks. Check your ROSA Assessment Calendar (xlsx 17 KB) to check when you are free to do work experience. 

Students will need to have been deemed work ready, by Ms Sommer or Ms Lavis. This will mean that students will have completed the Work Experience Booklet (pdf 776 KB)with attached asthma plan if required. To view the booklet click on the above link. Students who plan to work on a construction site need to have their OH&S Whitecard.

Any student in Year 10 wishing to undertake Work Experience should see Ms Sommer or Ms Lavis.

Those students who are interested in doing work experience should start thinking of:

  • When: Refer to ROSA Assessment Calendar (xlsx 17 KB)

  • Where: Students must negotiate their own placement

  • Paperwork: Work Experience Booklet must be completed by all students before the official Student Placement Record forms are distributed.

  • No students are permitted to undertake work experience without written authorisation from the school.

There are two organisations that should only be contacted through the Careers faculty. These are John Hunter Hospital and Warners Bay Private Hospital. Because of the large numbers of school, TAFE and University students participating in work experience programs, more and more employers are opting to limit or not even offer work experience.

Students are encouraged to make the effort to find and confirm their work experience as early as possible.Once a student has decided on a possible work experience place he /she should discuss it with Ms Sommer or Ms Lavis and complete the necessary forms. Do not formally agree on a placement with the employer until these are obtained.

Note: Work experience on any construction site requires a Workcover approved  Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (otherwise known as a "White Card").

Any student in year 10 wishing to undertake work experience should see either Ms Lavis or Ms Sommer.

- For further information on Work Experience please visit these sites:
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