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 The two VET framework courses are sometimes offered at Warners Bay High School.

  • Retail Operations

  • Hospitality Operations

  • Entertainment

As well, students can apply to do various TAFE delivered courses at any one of five TAFE campuses:

  • Newcastle

  • Hamilton

  • Charlestown

  • Hunter Street

  • Glendale

  • Belmont


Vocational courses are being designed to benefit all students, no matter what they intend to do after they leave school. What you learn at school is a good preparation for the kind of learning you will be doing in the workplace and helps to make your learning at TAFE NSW or university more relevant.

Most students find they are more independent and confident as a result of doing a vocational course that includes workplace learning. It can give you an insight into the kind of career that you might like when you finish your degree or TAFE NSW studies. It can also help you make better decisions and avoid getting into a program of tertiary study in an area you're not sure about. It certainly makes you more job-ready and attractive to employers.

There are many ways of achieving the qualifications and the career you want. Pathways through to degrees and rewarding careers can start with a vocational course at school and take you through TAFE NSW to university and the world of work beyond.

This might be the way for you . It won't close any options but it could "Open the door to your future".

  • As part of your HSC ,you could be taking 2 units of an Industry Curriculum Framework course. These courses include:

    • Business Services (Administration)

    • Construction

    • Information Technology

    • Metal & Engineering

    • Primary Industries

    • Retail

    • Tourism and Hospitality

  • Under the new rules for the HSC , you can include one of these courses in your Universities Admission Index (UAI) calculation. TAFE HSC courses in Accounting or Electronics can also be counted in your UAI.

  • For these courses you will also be awarded a Certificate 1 or 11 under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), a valuable qualification recognised by all registered training organisations through Australia.

  • You will receive credit towards completion of a TAFE NSW credential in the related industry area ; this means you can complete your qualification in a shorter time.

  • Some universities will even give you credit towards part of the first year of a Bachelor degree in the related area.

  • As these courses all involve some learning in the workplace, you can try yourself out in that industry to see if you like it.

  • Having some real on-the-job experience gives you a better chance of getting a job after school if that's what you plan to do.

  • Apart from the Industry Curriculum Framework courses, there are many TAFE NSW courses you can do as a part of your HSC. While these courses don't count for the UAI they do offer the opportunity to package together a program that gives you a start in your career.

  • When you complete your HSC you could be eligible for a scholarship enabling you to proceed directly into TAFE NSW.

  • If you choose to study more than 2 units of VET in your industry area, you could be doing a part-time traineeship and be paid.

  • You could save time in your apprenticeship through doing VET courses at school.

Industry Curriculum Framework courses may only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The Industry Curriculum Framework Information Package (ICFIP) provides information which is vital to the delivery of industry curriculum frameworks in schools.