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For further information about TAFE and TAFE related information, please visit the following site: www.tafensw.edu.au.

TAFE NSW is split into 11 institutes, each with their own website:

Hunter Institute - www.hunter.tafensw.edu.au

Illawarra Institute - www.illawarra.tafensw.edu.au

New England Institute - www.newengland.tafensw.edu.au

North Coast Institute - www.nci.tafensw.edu.au

Northern Sydney Institute - www.tafestudy.info

OTEN- the largest provider of distance and vocational education in Australia- http://oten.tafensw.edu.au/

Riverina Institute - www.rit.tafensw.edu.au

South Western Sydney Institute - www.swsi.tafensw.edu.au

Sydney Institute - www.sit.nsw.edu.au

Western Institute - www.wit.tafensw.edu.au

Western Sydney Institute & OTEN - wsi.tafensw.edu.au