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Quality Learning Expo(QLE) is part of Warners Bay High School's school to work program.  The QLE coordinator is Ms Lavis.

The QLE is designed to give Warners Bay High School students a competitive advantage when they leave school and/or present themselves to prospective employers.  The Agreed National Goals for Schooling for all States and Territories are  based on what employees are looking for in young people. These talents and capacities include:

  • Analysis and problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate ideas and information
  • Qualities of self-confidence, optimism, self-esteem and a commitment to personal excellence
  • Capacity to exercise judgment and social responsibility
  • Active and informed citizens






The QLE provides a process for students to talk confidently about their learning – the things they found easy to learn, the things they found difficult to learn and how they solved those problems.

Being able to demonstrate an ability to analyse situations and solve problems in a confident and articulate manner will be a tremendous building block for student self-confidence.

Students will choose a variety of assessment tasks to demonstrate their learning as they answer each of the 10 questions in the QLE.  We know from other schools in NSW, Queensland and Canberra who have undertaken this process, student confidence and self-esteem are enhanced and learning is made more relevant to real life situations.

The interview panel will be supportive and give valuable feedback such that students will be more confident and articulate in their next interview situation.  We want every student to succeed and we look forward to assisting mentor teachers, students and panel members in this valuable initiative.

Good Luck!

At Warners Bay High School your School Certificate is made up of three parts:

  • Assessment tasks completed during the year
  • An oral presentation – Quality Learning Expo

At some time in everybody's life they are required to undertake an interview. At Warners Bay High School we recognize the need to help all students develop interview skills so that they can confidently talk about their skills and abilities in front of an interview panel. Consequently, during Year 10 you will be preparing for an interview in Term 4.  All students will be required to undertake a fifteen to twenty minute interview with an interview panel.  The interview will allow students to discuss their interests and skills and to talk about their learning in all subjects throughout the year.  The interview panels will be trained prior to the interview and will be made up of a teacher, a Year 9 student and a person from outside the school.

Your progress will be supported in this task by a mentor teacher who will meet with you and your group throughout the year during mentor sessions. Later in the year during the sessions you will be preparing a covering letter resume for the assessment panel giving information about yourself and information about what you will be presenting at your interview. You will be meeting with your mentor teacher once during Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4 to review your progress and to help you prepare for your interview.

What do you present?

The following items must be brought to your interview at the end of the year:

  • Learning Pathways Plan
  • Resume and certificates, achievements
  • At least four different work samples (assessment tasks, projects), which demonstrate learning.

This task involves more than bringing along all your assignments for the year. During the interview you will be expected to talk about and show evidence of the planning and process that was involved in your project. Your teachers will explain what is required in their subject area for the interview and will help you with documenting the planning and actions you take to complete the project. You may use videos/DVDs, computers or cassette recorders during the interview and there will be sufficient space for you to display TAS or Creative Arts projects.

"Quality Learning Expo" – It is important that you fill in the sections in this book as part of the planning. These sections will be looked at during the mentor sessions and used for preparation of interview during the year and also during the interview.

The work that is brought to your interview must be collected throughout the year.  This cannot be left until the night before the interview.

Each Year 10 Student will be issued with a blue Warners Bay High School Student Portfolio, after they have paid their $10 careers fee. All printed materials, including booklets will be provided.

What is school to work planning?

School to work planning is the planning done to prepare yourself the transition from when you finish school to when you start working. This involves several different disciplines that are covered in the logbook. These disciplines include: classroom, workplace learning, employment related skills, school, community, enterprise learning, career goals, future planning and resume preparation