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Careers and Transition

Warners Bay High School has a very strong Careers and Transition (CAT) team. The CAT team promote the active engagement of targeted students. The team meet regularly and work on a case management approach. Students are referred to the CAT team by a member of staff if they are disengaged with learning, have attendance concerns and are at risk of not fulfilling the course requirements.

Students allocated to the program have an individual CAT plan based on their needs. This plan of career and transition support is developed by a member of the CAT team in collaboration with the student and their parent / carer. The targeted student is allocated a period of 10 weeks, after which they are placed on monitoring. During the 10 weeks, the student may be involved in one of our many programs run by organisations within the community. They may also have a tutorial based on organisation of school work, job coaching, work skills or study skills.

The CAT team consists of the Careers and Transition Adviser, Careers Advisers, Deputy Principal, School Learning Support Officer and selected Year Advisers.

The Careers and Transition adviser has undertaken specific additional training provided by the Department to support targeted students, particularly those most likely to disengage early from education, to plan their transition from school. They work on developing and strengthening partnerships between the school, industry, business, government and non-government organisations, to provide authentic learning opportunities for targeted students.